Every time we gather at Jenni Kayne’s, things are lovelier than the last. At our most recent visit to Jenni’s dreamy house, we were thrilled to meet kitchen goddess (and possibly real-life mermaid) Laurel Gallucci, who has partnered up with our gal Claire Thomas of Kitchy Kitchen to create one of our new favorite companies on the wellness scene. They’re calling it Sweet Laurel and are whipping up charming, incredible cakes and baked goods that are all kinds of healthy as well as all kinds of delicious. As we all know – these two things do not always go hand in hand.

Claire and Laurel are making our dessert dreams come true and we know so many of our readers will be thrilled to find out about a baking company that provides all-natural, no sugar, gluten-free options that are this delicious. we’re happy to introduce them to you below and over on Rip&Tan today. Pop over to their incredible cake recipe today and give it a whirl so we can say “we told you so!” Here’s Laurel, answering a few of our burning questions…

TCM: What was your favorite dessert as a kid?
LAUREL GALLUCCI: Mint chocolate ice cream. Every birthday, my mom took me to the ice cream shop and let me pick out the flavor for my annual ice cream cake birthday cake. I would taste like all the flavors, and always, with out fail, go with mint chocolate chip.

TCM: Is there a baked good you can’t live without?
LG: My husband and I are banana bread lovers. We actually bonded over banana bread on our third date.

TCM: What are your 5 essential pantry staples? 
LG: Almond flour, coconut oil, 100% pure maple syrup, dates and unsweetened chocolate.

TCM: Tell us about a naughty indulgence you’re dying for someone to health hack…
LG: If someone can health hack a one pound box of See’s Candy Nuts and Chews I will be stoked!!

TCM: Fave kitchen tool?
LG: I have a mini whisk I use almost every time I bake. One time I left it at Claire’s house and was forced to use a regular whisk for a week. It was a challenge.

TCM: Kitchen soundtrack?
LG: Even though I’m a Bruin, I love love love Classical KUSC on the radio.

TCM: Apron du jour?
LG: My fave apron has beautiful roses all over it. Way girly and way fun.

TCM: What inspired the label?
LG: I love baking and I love health. Sweet Laurel Bakery is where my two worlds finally collide.

TCM: How did you two ladies meet?
LG: Claire and I grew up down the street from each other but did not meet until after college. We were bridesmaids in a mutual friend’s wedding. Claire was planning the bachelorette party and I offered to bring a loaf of homemade bread. She was like, ‘YES, please do!’ Ever since, Claire and I have been kindred spirits.

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