Meet Pressed Juicery’s New Matcha Hemp Milk

crazy about matcha? We get it. From New York’s tea bars to L.A.’s matcha smoothie addiction, matcha is having a moment – and we’re all about it.

Now our favorite juice bar, Pressed Juicery, is getting in on all (other) green action with this matcha-blended hemp milk that is to die.

Every superfood ingredient in this blend is worthy of daily consumption: hemp seeds, matcha, moringa, spirulina, chlorophyll, vanilla bean, dates, and last but not least, sea salt combine to make up a delicious mylk with a whopping 18 grams of protein per bottle, providing essential omega 3 fatty acids, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and, of course, a hearty dose of antioxidants. Read on for the details on these superstar ingredients.  

Hemp Seeds

This little seed provides the perfect spectrum of essential fatty acids, especially those often forgotten omega 3s. They are a wonderful source of digestible plant-based protein and help to ease inflammation in the body. Hemp may help to boost the immune system and promote clear vibrant skin. Not often the focus of fresh nut mylks, we were so excited when Pressed Juicery decided to make it the base to their special blend.

TCM pick: Superfood Spotlight: Hemp Seeds


Matcha, the new coffee without the crash! This tea leaf takes green tea to a new level. Made by finely grinding whole green tea leaves, matcha is used to boost energy and metabolism, while also calming our mood, focusing the mind and cleansing the body. It is rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants, and the polyphenol EGCg known for its cancer fighting and DNA damage-reversing properties.

TCM pick: Superfood Spotlight: Matcha Tea


Known as nature’s multivitamin, almost every part of the tree – from its flowers to seed pods – are used for medicinal and culinary purposes. It’s loaded with 18 amino acids, 15 minerals, vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium; it supports digestion, mental focus, energy and may even help stabilize blood sugar levels. With a slight malty carob flavor, it makes the perfect addition to our smoothies, lattes, and of course PJ’s hemp mylk.

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This potent alkalizing blue-green algae is one of the most nutritionally dense foods. It’s an excellent source of amino acids, protein, vitamins and minerals, chlorophyll and antioxidants, while helping us boost our immunity, cleanse and provide lasting energy.

TCM pick: Superfood Spotlight: Spirulina


This green pigment is an important source of nutrition and plant energy. Almost identical to hemoglobin or the substance our bodies use to build and transport red blood cells, chlorophyll can be a great ally in helping our bodies rebuild and regenerate, increase oxygen and energy in the body, not to mention helping us look younger longer.

TCM pick: Superfood Spotlight: Chlorophyll


Don’t be put off by their sugar content, dates are a superfood traditionally used in Chinese medicine and valued for their essential mineral content from calcium to copper, magnesium and iron. Loaded with fiber, this sugar source may actual help to lower cholesterol and prevent colon cancer. Next time you reach for the candy, try a date instead.

TCM pick: Superfood Spotlight: Dates

Sea Salt

Just a pinch helps to enhance the exotic flavors of this delicious creation. We recently posted about raw salt (not to be confused with its processed counterpart) and its endless health benefits. Not only is this nutrient essential to our health, our blood and fluid homeostasis, it can help to balance hormones to create an alkaline environment.

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