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Meet one of the most high-energy nutrition experts you'll ever encounter. And enter to win two tickets to his conference that could change your life...

There are health pros, and then there are health pros. Our April Guest Editor, David Wolfe, is the latter. There are wellness aficionados that are way out there ahead of the pack; connecting the dots between mind and body, ancient traditions and wellness, inner culture and outer culture. They’re the leaders who forge paths out beyond what some of us consider normal, but who, in the long term, provide more health-giving solutions than any other wellness leaders we encounter. We wobble between bringing you easy, palatable wellness info and information that is next level and will quite possibly blow your mind. David Wolfe’s message sits firmly in that middle ground and we hope you learn a lot from him this month while we host him as guest!

Later this month, David and over a dozen of our favorite wellness pros are gathering here in L.A. for a conference that will spotlight the latest cutting-edge insights in nutrition, anti-aging, stem cell research, fitness, brain function and tonic herbalism. These leaders, from Bulletproof’s Dave Asprey to brain health innovator, Dr. Amen, will redefine what you know about what true health looks like. 

Join along with us all month as we share David Wolfe’s message of high-level wellness and share wisdom from the Longevity Now conference’s line up of insightful speakers. Meet David Wolfe below and dive in to his positive perspective on our motto of “living well”…

Dear Chalkboard readers,

Have you seen the headlines lately? It always seems like the world is falling apart; however, when I notice things moving towards chaos I instinctively know that somewhere things are also getting disproportionately better. The worse it gets, the better it gets… actually. It depends on where you put your focus. Don’t believe me? Stay tuned for my contributions this month to The Chalkboard Mag. I am excited to be guest editing and sharing some of the latest and greatest in the world of nutrition and well-being.

We look around today and as a culture we have never been more sick, overweight and unhealthy. If that thought makes you feel depressed, you should also know that a growing part of the population has never been healthier. Never before in the history of the world have we had access to healthy choices like we do today – superfoods, superherbs, yoga, fitness strategies and community support. This is an abundant world and all we require is a little re-direction of our awareness to see that it is possible for us to live our full potential and support our amazing bodies with the best nutrition, fitness protocols and community ever.

It’s April and that means springtime! It’s time to get outside and start thinking about what is going to grow in our garden this year. I spend a lot of time in the garden. You may know me as a speaker, as co-developer of the NutriBullet or through my social media posts, but my deepest love is gardening and farming. I relish getting my hands in the earth, planting, nourishing new life, harvesting and sharing the bounty of Mother Nature.

Even if you live in the city, there are ways you can grow your own food and get connected to the magic of growth. It’s easy to grow herbs, sprouts, and vegetables in jars and pots. I‘ve even seen people turn their apartment balconies into full-fledged gardens! When we buy food at grocery or health food stores, those items have likely been picked days or even weeks before, and they have lost an important part of their vitality. There is nothing like growing our own fruits and vegetables and eating them within minutes of harvest. They are at the peak of their enzymatic and nutritional power and, having grown them, they carry our energetic signature as well. To me, these subtle qualities make all the difference in flavor, nutrition and feeling.

I would love more people to experience what quality foods do to their overall well-being. Eating organic, biodynamic, local, wild, and/or homegrown foods are quality life experiences. By connecting to and enhancing the subtle qualities of food, we enhance our overall life wisdom — our soul becomes more alive in our body: We feel a richer joy in living.

I love the idea of repopulating the planet with sustainable perennial food sources and that’s why I started The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. With FTPF.org we are participating and inspiring a global movement by planting fruit, nut and medicinal trees, particularly in places where entire communities of people can enjoy them for generations – public schools, city parks, low-income neighborhoods, Native American reservations, international hunger relief sites and animal sanctuaries. Just imagine if everyone reading this went out and planted one fruit or nut tree this week. How many people could be fed fresh food for years to come from this simple act?

At any rate, I am really looking forward to the month ahead with TCM and sharing more, as well as enjoying the amazing contributions of three of our key speakers at our upcoming Longevity Now® Conference. This month, you’ll be hearing from Bulletproof bio-hacker Dave Asprey, alternative health guru Dr. Joseph Mercola and holistic physician Dr. Lissa Rankin – all speakers at the upcoming conference. The event, coming up later this month, is unique in the world. It’s a place where over 2,000 health seekers from around the globe will gather and where we will spotlight the latest cutting-edge insights in nutrition, anti-aging, stem cell research, fitness, brain function, tonic herbalism and a lot more. Stay tuned to The Chalkboard for more – like the giveaway below – and maybe we’ll see you in Anaheim!

Yours in health,

David Wolfe


What you'll win:

We’re giving away two pairs of tickets to David Wolfe’s Longevity Now Conference April 24th-26th in Anaheim, CA. Spend the entire weekend with some of the leading voices in the wellness world: three full days of conversation and forward-thinking with the likes of Dave Asprey, Dr. Amen, Lissa Rankin, Ron Teeguarden, and our April Guest Editor David Wolfe.

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Anyone may enter to win, but the conference is held here in L.A. so be sure you’re able to make it. Good luck readers! This giveaway closes Wednesday, April 8th at 5PM PST. One entry per reader. Ticket is to the event only – travel and lodging not provided.