Meet Our February Guest Editor: Celeb Stylist Kristin Ess

Meet our February Guest, celeb hair stylist + Queen of Valentine's Day Kristin Ess! We're talking romantic looks and girly details all month long...

WE can be a little obsessive with our neutrals and natural materials, with one exception – on Valentine’s Day.

Every February at about this time, our deeply restrained confetti and glitter-tossing instincts are unleashed and we’re ready for all the girly things we can get our hands on: bigger hair, louder lipgloss, maybe even a floral print.

We’re embracing the moment and have thrown those February vibes into high gear by inviting the Queen of Valentine’s Day to be our February Guest Editor! This month, the one and only Kristin Ess is joining us for twenty eight days of full-out glamour, romantic looks and straight-up girliness. You’re likely familiar with Kristin as the “hair whisperer” behind Lauren Conrad and so many other starlets’ famously gorgeous manes, or as co-founder of the stellar beauty resource, The Beauty Department. Kristin’s brought a whole other level of hair game to the masses, influencing hairstyles and trends in a way few stylists do. From fishtail braids to big blowouts, from the crazy colored locks to the “lobs,” Kristin’s shown us how to do it all with her accessible style and those aspirational heads of hair she works her magic on.  

If you’re already in love with Kristin, we know – this is major, right? We can’t wait to pass along everything this redheaded beauty has to share. And if you’re just meeting Kristin for the first time, get ready to crush hard. Start with her letter below, then bop on over to Kristin’s Instagram where Valentine’s Day essentially lives every other day of the year. Join us all month for gorgeous photos, beauty tips and more. Here’s Kristin…

Dear TCM readers,

I am incredibly thrilled to be asked to guest edit The Chalkboard for the month of February! This will be a little different from my normal day-to-day grind on set, at my salon, and at The Beauty Department, so I’m very excited to switch things up. There’s such an obvious connection between health and hair so let’s get vitamin drunk on Pressed Juicery and hang out for the next 28 days, okay?

The month of February is more beauty-focused than any other month, if you really think about it. There are so many award shows to watch which means a ton of red carpet looks. NY Fashion Week happens, which means gorgeous – sometimes outrageous – new trends that can be translated from the runway to the real way. And we have Valentine’s Day (if you’re into that kind of thing), for which your hair your nail game must be strong.

A few years ago my business partner and I started a website to teach readers how to create our most requested celebrity client looks on themselves. We do that in simple step-by-step tutorials and  give you all the links to find the tools you need. As a hairstylist, it’s easy for me to translate the steps to a non-pro because I sit with clients every day and they tell me what they do or do not understand. It’s so satisfying to get an email or Instagram comment from someone telling me they’ve finally mastered that braid or wave they’ve always wanted to pull off.

There’s a commonality between TCM and TBD of educating readers through beautiful photos and easy to follow instructions. Hopefully this month I will be able to merge the adjacent worlds of beauty and wellness in a way that is beneficial to all of you. I love feedback and questions, and I always do my best to read and respond to your comments – so please, ASK AWAY! We have lots of fun things planned for you and I can’t wait to kick off this collaboration.

Kristin Ess