Sustainable shopping has come a long way from the recycled hemp over-sized Ts of the ’90s.  Some of the most prominent luxury brands in the world are making the shift to sustainable practices these days, whether with responsibly made fabrics or more socially responsible production processes. For the rabid, fall-ready shopper, all this fashion-y greening-up means that dressing well and shopping green are no longer necessarily mutually exclusive.

Moving fashion forward in a major way, model-slash-goddess Amber Valletta recently joined forces with international shopping platform Yoox and changed the responsible shopper’s closet for life. Master & Muse gathers top designers together for conscious shopping collections like no other. Think Kenyan-made Vivienne Westwood bags (pictured above), cut-out LBDs from newcomers who only use recycled materials, and vegan peep-toe booties from Crie de Cour. We can’t get enough of another of Amber’s favorites, Joanna Cave, who’s jewelry collection for Master & Muse is absolutely divine.

We  recently spent the morning with Amber at her home here in the ultra-green (if not for the green juice consumption levels alone) city of L.A. Tucked in to her cozy and stylish abode with a couple of green juices, Amber shared a few of her fave pieces from the Master & Muse fall collection as we chatted about our shared values of sustainability, work-life balance and great design…

Mornings With Green Fashion Goddess Amber Valletta

My alarm is set for...

6:40 a.m.

Can't start my morning without...


Breakfast is normally...

With my son.

Favorite morning beverage is...

Water. I love Beyond H2O which is alkaline & rich in minerals. Having a home filter is key.

Daily uniform

Vintage Levi’s shorts, Master and Muse collab T-shirt, YSL belt.

Favorite moment in the morning:

Quiet mornings with nothing on the agenda, hanging out with my son.

I start working by...

Our team gets to work around 10 a.m. – but international calls with Italy or the UK start at 8.

I get my creative juices flowing by...

Listening to music. I also love going to art shows, museums, or getting out into nature – especially hiking.

Current obsession:

Vitamin A bathing suits. Our Clare V custom envelope with Master & Muse on each side.

Healthiest daily habit...

Meditation. Green juice. Amino acids for brain functionality.

Favorite morning distraction...


Thinking about lunch at...

11a.m. Lunch is usually A Votre Sante or Milo & Olive.

On my feet:

Favorite pieces:

Isabell De Hillerin dresses and jackets, Svilu boxy small suits, The Swag upcycled leather jackets, Vitamin A rashguard and ecofabrics, Vivienne Westwood African backpacks.

My current mantra

Let go and let God.

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