When we think of next-level health goals, New York Times bestselling author and entrepreneur Mark Sisson takes the (keto, nutrient-dense) cake. At 66, the Ironman triathlete is trailblazing the ancestral health movement with one of the most popular health sites online ever and a new book: KETO FOR LIFE: Reset Your Biological Clock in 21 Days and Optimize Your Diet for Longevity. Expect secrets to his living longer-living well philosophy. Hint: It goes way beyond simply embracing the keto lifestyle. Take a peek inside his fridge and take copious notes. Here’s what’s inside…

Food philosophy in one sentence: I don’t put a single bite of food in my mouth that I don’t absolutely love!

Always in my fridge: Spring water, pre-made tuna salad and pre-chopped vegetables.

Recipe staples always on hand:
+ pre-chopped vegetables
+ healthy avocado oil-based salad dressings
+ pre-made tuna salad with health mayo and sustainable catch tuna
+ nuts: walnuts, almonds, pine nuts, macadamia nuts
+ pastured eggs
+ frozen grass-fed liver for easy thaw and serve
+ frozen grass-fed steak for easy thaw and serve

Must-have munchies: I don’t do munchies or snack between meals. I attain total satisfaction every time I eat a meal until the next meal. Maximum of two meals per day, often just one full meal.

Fave condiments: Primal Kitchen mayo, salad dressing and sauces.

Ingredient that makes everything taste better: Ground-up macadamia nuts to sprinkle on anything from eggs to salad to full-fat Greek yogurt.

Go-to proteins: Grass-fed steak, wild caught salmon, smoked oysters, sardines and pastured chicken.

Best bargain: Canned sardines have outstanding omega-3 and micronutrient values, making them the all-time bargain champion of superfoods.

Best label-reading tip: Be cautious of the “Heart Healthy” label. The American Heart Association have come under fire for selling the rights to use this label on an assortment of products (grain food, high-sodium canned soups, etc).

Fave veggie + what you make with it: Red bell pepper (organic) adds color and texture to my Big Ass Salad (see how I make it here).

Must-have pantry staples:
+ almond flour for recipe substitutes
+ 85% dark chocolate
+ canned smoked oysters (a friend turned me onto these—great for traveling!)
+ fresh nuts
+ fresh organic spices (remember to rotate out every six months)
+ ancient mineral sea salt

Craziest thing I buy: Collagen peptides may seem strange to a lot of people, but they’ve made a huge improvement in the health of my skin and connective tissue.

Sweets + other indulgences: Vacation desserts that are freshly prepared and eaten in a party setting. My last recollection is gelato in Italy.

Dairy or non-dairy faves: Mascarpone cheese (to mix with fresh berries).

Skip labels that read: Anything you cannot pronounce.

Favorite Food splurge: Sushi in Miami Beach.

For last-minute entertaining: Presto Pesto Scallops from the book, Keto Cooking For Cool Dudes.

Favorite places to shop:
+ Whole Foods Market
+ Sprouts Market
+ Bristol Farms
+ other grocery chains who are devoted to offering higher-quality products

Simple go-to recipe: My Big Ass Salad is the centerpiece of my daily dietary patterns. I usually fast until 1pm, enjoy a delicious salad, and then I’m good to go for the rest of the day until dinner.

Best food memory: My favorite food memory highlights my entrepreneurial disposition. In college, I rented out a mess hall and served a weekly all-you-can-eat buffet feast to my fellow classmates at Williams College. I lost money when the football players decided to crash the party!

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