Beyond Organic: Skin Nutrition From the Italian Alps

After a successful career creating products for Comme des Garçons Parfums and Kirna Zabete, Julius Eulberg was inspired to create Julisis skin care. Sourcing medicinal plants from his biodynamic farm high in the Italian Alps, the Julisis line seeks to provide a deeper level of care for the skin in the tradition of homeopathic principles.

The Chalkboard Magazine: What inspired the creation of the Julisis skincare line?

JE: “I could not find a organic skin care brand that really worked and delivered results. Most brands have some kind of synthetic ingredient; I wanted food quality skin care components.”

TCM: How are the herbs or ingredients in the line different from brands like Dr. Hauschka?

JE: “Our medicinal plant garden is under strict biodynamic agriculture since over 100 years in a remote area of the Italian alps near San Pellegrino. The water comes from the mineral-enriched melt water of the glaciers. All plants are hand-picked according to the moon and sun cycles. There is no industry in a 150 miles radius. It is essential to not have the gardens near the autobahn. Furthermore, all of our used essential fragrant oils are not used to mask the base oils and fats, but to enhance the desired result. The white neroli flowers in the day care products are energizing and uplifting, while the florentine night jasmine helps to relax and renew over night.”

TCM: Gold is mentioned to be an ingredient in the products as it nutritionally feeds the cells. Could you explain a bit more about this?

JE: “We are the only skin care system in the world using 100% cell accessible forms of the liquid metal. They are the same form in our cells already existing and being essential for intracellular metabolism. Our patented liquid gold (jlge®) , silver (jlse®) and liquid platinum (jlpe®) have the ability to cling on to the botanicals, transport them into the cells and give a provide the optimum nutritional level which results in natural, healthy glow.”

TCM: For people not familiar with the term ‘biodynamic’ and the method of using the moon cycles, could you elaborate on this?

JE: “It is a ancient old natural way of harvesting and using no fertilizers or pesticides. For example, in the scriptures, it is said that the St John’s Wort oil should be harvested on the summer solstice day, because the concentration of the essential oils are the highest. Of course, it is not the exact day, but with modern scientific methods, it is found that in a 10 day period around that date, the concentration of the essential oils and bioflavonoids are the highest and therefore the most powerful for skin treatment. Some plants, we harvest before sunrise (marigold) or after sunset (jasmin). We all know the influence of full moon on us or the tide in the ocean.”

TCM: Are all of the ingredients sourced from the Swiss Alps?

JE: “Seventy-five percent are from our own gardens, and in terms of quality, are really beyond any organic quality available. We are super strict with quality control (from harvest to storage and processing), therefore minimize buying from other sources. But the Indian frangipani for the platinum II, for example, does not grow there.”

TCM: Is the skin care made in small batches?

JE: “Yes, to have the freshness and potency using zero preservatives, we manufacture only in small batches. The alchemistic principles do not allow vessels larger than the blood amount contained in our bodies, 4-6 litres.”

TCM: What is one thing customers might now know about the line and/or yourself?

JE: “We have nothing to do with skin care commonly sold. All our preparation have a high energy frequency and work on various levels to bring skin and body back to natural rhythm… The gold day care products (sun influence) energize, protect and activtate and the silver night products (moon influence) balance, detox and firm. It’s biorhythmic aligning to our bodily functions. One’s own biorythm is very much supported.”

TCM: Describe some of the feedback you have received from the line.

JE: “We have a very special clientele – women and around 40% men, which is unusual in the high end market. A lot of people wanted to do face lifts and corrections and could observe over a 6-8 week period a serious change in their complexion.”

TCM: Do you have a favorite product?

JE: “Hard to say. I only launch a product when I am convinced there is nothing as good and unique on the market, but I believe we have the absolute best eye cream on the market, whether you have puffy eyes, dark circles or wrinkly skin. Eyemulsion does it all…”

To learn more about Julisis visit their site here.

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