Mantra Monday: A Season For Inwardness

As yogis, we want to draw our senses inward (pratyahara), whether it be through meditation, fasting or simply closing our eyes and taking a deep breath. In taking our attention away from outside stimulation, we create internal awareness and we let go of that nagging to desire to accumulate more. We want to be free from the distractions of the outside world and firm of mind. Rather than get caught in the ups and downs of everyday life, they become like small ripples that don’t change who we are when we have the focus to see through them. Drishti is a method of sense withdrawal that has powerfully impacted my practice of yoga asana and my focus in general.

Drishti is a steady, calm gaze taken during the asana practice. Each posture has a specific point of focus, or drishti, where the eyes should rest. It’s quite intuitive, and the points of gaze are usually at the hands or the tip of the nose. I have really come into practicing this gaze naturally. By allowing the focus of my vision to slip away, I am able to let the rest of the room slip away and travel further and further into my own movement, breath and body. Allow your gaze to melt away from the outside while you practice and watch as it becomes internal. Without the distraction of the room, you can travel into deeper awareness and focus than you once thought were possible.

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