New Year, True You: How To Practice Manifestation For An Epic 2019

New Years Resolutions don’t mean anything without the magic of pure intention behind it. Deep reflection and intention setting is the core of manifestation — a practice Jessie De Lowe, co-founder of How You Glow, has harnessed in her own life to build the life of her dreams. Below, Jessie is sharing some key tips to practice manifestation for yourself. We’re also giving away an exciting opportunity to get a one-on-one manifestation coaching session from Jessie — head over to our Instagram today for a chance to win!

We’ve all heard the saying New Year, New You, and I’d love to introduce a new mantra as we approach the year’s end: New Year, True You. Instead of reinventing yourself based on a superficial idea of what you’re supposed to be and do, or creating a long list of resolutions, I encourage you to go within, digging deep to uncover your truth.

How To Create A True You This New Year

By identifying and paying acute attention to what makes you come alive on a mind-body-soul level, you can align your thoughts, beliefs and actions with your authentic truth and start manifesting your dream existence.

Take Inventory | From memory, write down how you typically spend every day of the week. Make a detailed schedule for your typical Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. Be as thorough as possible, including what you usually eat, repetitive thoughts that may come up on a daily basis, people you frequently pass by or encounter, etc. Next to each item on the list, indicate how every interaction/part of your day makes you feel.

For example, if you typically practice yoga on Thursday at noon, beside that you might write relaxed, grounded or energized. If you have a work meeting every Friday at 8 AM that you dread, next to it you might write anxious or avoidant, etc.

Reflect and Assess | As you review your typical week, observe the ebbs and flows of how different thoughts/actions/interactions make you feel. The goal is not to feel “good” all the time, but to become aware and conscious so you are creating your reality instead of mindlessly reacting to it. Ask yourself if there are certain people/places/things that trigger or drain you. Now, instead of jumping to eliminate sources of conflict (which is definitely necessary in certain situations), you can use these experiences for personal growth by becoming curious and questioning why you feel the way you do.

When we assess from a neutral, non-judgmental point of view, we are able to learn about ourselves, uncovering our truth. Notice when you feel blissful and in your flow, when the world seems to be working in your favor. Ask yourself what aspects of those people/places/experiences resonates with your soul and why.

Make It A Practice | Continue taking this inventory in real time, even after your first exercise. Keep a detailed log of how you feel on a day-to-day basis as you go through each element of your day. This is the practice of becoming present and aware, and consciously moving through your day, week and life with active curiosity and insight.

As you become more awake to your day-to-day existence, you may notice that you are more energetically prepared for situations that were previously a source of suffering. By knowing in advance that something is a potential trigger, you can set a positive intention prior to entering the situation, creating an opportunity for growth rather than repeating an unconscious negative pattern.

Examples of a daily intention:
+ Every experience I encounter today is an opportunity to illuminate my truth and activate the light within me.
+ I approach every interaction with an open mind and from a place of love.
+ I bring positive energy into every situation I enter.
+ The world is a mirror that reflects my inner truth.

This is all to help you recognize that you don’t need to look outside of yourself to create a new you. Instead, slow down, pay attention and work toward shifting your perspective. Eventually you will see that you hold the keys to feeling like the best version of yourself. Everything you need and want is already there, waiting to be discovered.

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