Do yourself a favor and set aside thirty minutes, get out your journal and thoroughly read this story with Human Design coach, Ahram Arya. To dig deeper on what the fascinating study of Human Design is all about, enjoy a deep dive on the topic with our article on the subject here. But first…

What does manifestation truly mean? And how can it work for you? Manifestation means that you have arrived at your complete vision. Your vision is here in 3D. You have literally brought your dream into form. There is no doubt that you created it, and it is plain for all to see.

What does commitment have to do with it? So often I hear people share that they want to be ‘better’ at something and want to improve themselves, but rarely do I hear a definitive, declarative statement about what someone will commit to doing. Therefore, I use the term “manifestation” to describe the process of what you really want to create vs. what you’d just really like to have.

Do you want to create a fundamental change or do you just want to feel a “little bit better”? There is no shame in just wanting to feel better – that’s called loving yourself! But if you want to manifest something new and out of your comfort zone, it’s going to take everything you’ve got.

everybody’s different. First, know that the way you go about creating what you want is unique to you. Every person starts with a different viewpoint and approach. But what I want to tell you about, and what we all share in common, comes together at the intersection of spiritual and physical laws (most of which are encapsulated in Human Design).

Mind, body, spirit Manifestation demands a clear intention. A big transformation requires that you align all parts of yourself — mind, body, and spirit. What is preventing your dream from materializing? Is it an internal block? Perhaps it is only that you are missing a clear, repeatable process.

The following outline is designed to help you discover what you don’t know about yourself. Be brave. You will find the missing pieces by fleshing out what you already know. If you are feeling inspired and have at least one piece of your bold vision in hand, try this secret code…

The Code: “Emotions. Help. Purpose. Result. in Strategy.”

Emotions | To get emotions to work for you instead of against you, we get to reverse a very important piece of childhood conditioning. In childhood, most of us were rewarded for a good deed and that made us happy. And so, we grew attached to feeling happy after we did something that was met with approval. But to create the reality you want now, turn that idea inside out.

Your emotional center is your engine of truth. It is the source of your breath, so breathe. Everything begins with your emotional conviction and certainty. Zero in on the expansive feeling that has inspired your dream and write it down. Your job is to return to this specific, exciting feeling so you can access your motivation to drive your body forward. When you do, the ripple effect of creation begins.

Exercise: Write down the specific, expansive, exciting feeling that inspires your dream.

Help | This one is so easy to forget. Asking for help is one of the simplest, fastest ways to speed you toward your goal, but the negative forces of conditioning prevent many of us from giving ourselves permission to do so.

Remove any and all judgements about asking for help. Going it alone is a choice, and you don’t have to. Most importantly, your quest does not have to be hard. You can ask for help simply because you choose to take the easiest and most direct path to success. Find the experts and mentors who know more than you do and enroll their counsel.

Exercise: Learn to ask for help. Seek out experts and mentors that can train and support you.

Purpose | To manifest anything, you’ll need an unshakeable WHY. What is this achievement going to do and produce for you? What unique problem will you solve? Who, beyond yourself, will benefit from it and why is that such a good thing?

Ideally, your purpose reads like a mantra that you can repeat on your best day and also on your absolute worst day. A powerful purpose will continue to light you up, will keep you going when you want to quit, and will attract and inspire newcomers and beneficiaries to join your cause.

Exercise: Identify the purpose of your desire. Do your best to turn that purpose into a succinct mantra. Repeat it daily.

Results | Here’s where The Secret and The Law of Attraction come into play. Imagine the Who, What, and Where of what you want to create, and then write down those outcomes as if they have already happened.

Your language here is really important. Place yourself in the future and list every outcome that has come to pass. Decide that they are already so.

Check every single box on your list and don’t leave anything out – especially a few stretch goals that may seem out of reach. And most importantly, do not attach any preconditions to the outcomes. If you do, then the universe will restrict your biggest goals until your self-imposed preconditions are met.

Exercise: Ideate and write down the specifics above.

Strategy | Strategy is the most important part of your plan, and it’s this implementation that most people are missing. If you want to create or achieve something that you’ve never done before, it makes sense that you’ll need to behave like never before.

My favorite definition of strategy is “what I do differently.”

You’ve heard this before: Expecting different outcomes from the same actions is the definition of insanity. Getting clear on your strategy is as simple as identifying what you can control that you will do differently — no matter what happens.

You’ll need to stick to your strategy through a healthy test phase. Give it some time to work or not. And if it isn’t actually working, do not quit or change your results – Change your strategy. One client recently said to me that the turning point for her was simply a total commitment to the strategy that she already knew would work from past experience. She had to get clear on whether or not the challenge was worth it, and finally it was.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your support network and find the person who can not only hold you accountable to your strategy, but will. Your art of manifestation is an equal commitment to your results, to your process, and to loving yourself.

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