It doesn’t take much to convince us to apply a drizzle of rose, neroli or geranium oil onto our skin. Essential oils from fruits and flowers are so intoxicatingly delicious-smelling that we can barely keep from drinking the stuff, let alone slathering it on our skin. Luckily, Mother Nature designed these oils to attract with good reason: natural essential oils have incredible healing and soothing properties that, when properly utilized, can transform skin.

Annie Tevelin of brand new skincare line, SkinOwl, had her own deeply healing skin experience with essential oils and was so impressed that she studied the oils and started up her own line. We asked Annie to break down the best uses for a few of these oils for certain skin types and conditions. Find the oil that suits your skin and find a way to work the scented stuff into your skincare regimen! Here’s Annie…

I have always loved the way essential oils feel on my skin. Essential oils melt into my skin, versus conventional lotions and creams, which can sit on the surface. While studying cosmetic chemistry, I learned that the molecules in essential oils are much smaller than that of most skin creams, meaning they’re able to penetrate each pore more deeply. The deeper oils sink, the more they work. As counterintuitive as it may seem to use oils on the skin, especially when skin is troubled or in need of healing, they are actually deeply effective from the inside out to heal and nurture the skin in ways I’ve never seen from any other individual ingredient. I’m proud to have created a product that works on the most stubborn of skin concerns. Here are a few of the oils I love most to treat skin conditions of all kinds.

8 Essential Oils To Heal Your Skin


Lavender is amazing at healing, revitalizing, and nurturing red, parched, acneic skin. It works as an astringent on oily skin and is incredibly calming in its aromatherapy properties.


A natural radiance booster! This is an incredible essential oil for dull, dehydrated, fatigued skin. With all of the traveling I do, I use it as a way to ignite my tired, airplane skin. The scent is so unique, it’s unforgettable.

Clary Sage

An all-natural wrinkle relaxer! It is an amazing pore decongestant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and stimulator of blood flow. Using it topically helps with eczema, psoriasis, and even back and neck stiffness. Lavender, geranium and clary sage are all used in SkinOwl’s Argan Infusion!


The cooling effect of peppermint oil is amazing for lip balms. It stimulates circulation, causing the skin to appear more plump, more firm, and more youthful. Its invigorating scent helps with alertness and focus too! (Used in SkinOwl’s Limited Edition Holiday LipBalm.)


Also known as orange blossom, neroli is regenerative. It overturns your skin’s cells at a faster rate, promoting radiance and vitality, as well as preventing scarring and combating stretch marks. A power infusion!


One of my all-time favorite oils. This oil is less known, but a true miracle worker. Not only does it calm the signs of inflammation, but it also helps with stimulating collagen production and regenerating old cells and making them act brand new. A true warrior when it comes to healing and looking your most youthful.

Ylang Ylang

One of the most exotic smelling scents! Whether you’re super dry or super oily, ylang ylang balances your skin remarkably. It controls the amount of sebum secreted, leaving you perfectly hydrated all day.


Rose essential oil is known for its healing and calming properties. Its benefits are incredible for those who suffer from eczema, very dry skin, and aging skin. It combats the most stubborn skin ailments, and it has super-relaxing aromatherapy properties. Calm mind, calm skin!

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