Deep in Venice, nestled in her charming home garden, Erica Chidi, founder of The Mama Circle is gathering holistic-minded moms for a natural workshop series called The Garden Series, a line-up of garden-fresh cooking and self-care classes for pregnant moms curious to learn more about natural nourishment for both themselves and their babies.

Erica Chidi is a doula, pregnancy and nursing expert, and a chef with a deep passion for helping new moms find a healthy happy entrée into motherhood. Her fun and accessible perspective on the full-range of holistic mama tools means we’re sending every friend with a baby bump her way as she kicks off  her Garden Series summer courses (the first class of summer is tomorrow!)

Read our chat with Erica about better postpartum recovery, the whole issue of placenta ‘utilization’, and her keys to a truly peaceful and balance pregnant life season below…

For many expectant mamas, keeping stress at bay and finding a new flow can feel challenging. However, maintaining balance should be a top priority. Here are a easy few tips to help drown out the din and connect with your body and your babe.

5 Tips To Stay Balanced During Pregnancy

Slow Down:

During pregnancy it can be hard to take it easy, especially with work and social commitments. There is always something to do. But I encourage my clients to take the leap and have a few unscheduled weekends. Sleep in, have friends come to you and try and sneak in a nap or two. Your body is working hard growing your babe, so it’s important to replenish your energy stalls.


Moderate exercise at least three times per week will help settle and clear your mind and create more energy. Take advantage of the warm summer months and try swimming. This low-impact activity can help you feel weightless, despite the weight of your growing belly. It also improves circulation, increases muscle tone and strength, and builds endurance, which are important for an easeful labor.

Flower Essences:

Flower essences are fantastic during pregnancy because they are gentle and safe in their action. They work on equalizing vibrations in the body and can help create more balance. White chestnut is great for insomnia or excessive worry during pregnancy and borage can help uplift spirits especially if your prone to depression, or if surrounding circumstances of the pregnancy are challenging.


Becoming mother is a transformative period and many women find themselves negotiating new emotions and experiences. Sharing these shifts with their partner, a therapist, doula or some other counsel is vital. Holding everything in just perpetuates more unrest. Vocalizing any emotional stressors can help remove their charge and leave you more at ease.


Monthly prenatal massage can improve a woman’s pregnancy experience exponentially. Gentle deep tissue work can address both the well-being of the mother and babe along with any aches and pain she may be experiencing as a result of her changing body. Plus it’s a great way to unplug for an hour or so. 

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