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Essential oils are one of the most concentrated forms of therapeutic substances known to man. If you want to get all Chalkboardy about it, their vibrational essences are off the charts. Those are some good vibes!

From de-stressing lavender oils to congestion-clearing eucalyptus, we’ve experienced firsthand how the use of essential oils can completely shift our day for the better. Hope Gillerman of H. Gillerman Organics is at the forefront of this wellness-minded movement; her powerful yet easy-to-use blends work hand-in-hand with healthy lifestyle choices to help people heal their ailments and combat the stresses of life. The pursuit of wellness can be overwhelming. We love these simple notes from Hope about how to make the whole process a little more forgiving… 

As I listen to a new client describe their physical and psychological complaints, I must choose a good starting point for their process of self-healing and self-knowledge. Once we address the fundamental problem, all the pieces of the puzzle generally fall into place. But when you are on your own, it is harder to know where to start. And trying to address your list of health issues and make challenging lifestyle changes can easily get overwhelming. For some, this far-reaching course of self-healing can trigger anxiety and frustration. Here are some ways to take the worry out of your wellness program.

Keep it simple

Don’t try to address everything all at once when changing your lifestyle. Start with one change – like getting off processed foods by cooking more, or focusing on sleep or breathing.

Don't do it alone

Alternative MDs, healers, therapists and herbalists abound. For example: Acupuncture and Chinese herbology are useful for health issues around digestion, fertility, women’s issues and much more. Massage is great for travel issues and gives you a healthful time-out to break your always-on-the-move mode. Allergies, sleep issues, fatigue, weight gain and immune-system depletion are areas where holistic healing can really help. Alexander Technique is for pain and changing posture as it relates to mental stamina, breathing and overall body tension patterns.

Stay positive

Don’t focus on issues out of your control, instead, start your wellness program with some form of meditation or breathing exercise to change your thought patterns. Using essential oils is one very effective way to rewire the brain and can be a useful pathway to meditation.

Don't worry about...

…waking up in the middle of the night. While eight hours is optimal for restorative sleep – you don’t have to get these hours consecutively. If you are awake for one to two hours in the middle of the night, that’s okay, just sleep later or go to bead earlier if this is a pattern.

…sitting up straight. Though good posture is important, sitting too straight will exhaust you and can cause back pain. Solution: Raise your chair height so your hips are above your knees and keyboard is below your waist. Alternate sitting in the front of the chair with weight on both feet and scooting hips all the way back in your chair so you can lean back and get support.

…missing a trip to the gym or the yoga studio. If you live in an area where you can take a vivacious 20-minute nature walk, do it. Studies show nature will reduce your stress and give you a place to daydream – a way to restore the mind when a nap isn’t an option.

Use essential oils to combat anxiety

Use organic essential oils to calm your worries. Essential oils can be used to boost your immune system, improve your state of mind, heal injuries, improve sleep, take the stress out of travel and even the stress out of daily life. Choose one of these essential oils for anxiety: sandalwood, vetiver, chamomile, clary sage, frankincense, orange or bergamot (or H. Gillerman Organics True Relaxation Stress Remedy). Place a drop on each index finger, close your eyes and press your fingertips on your temples and very, very, very, gently massage your temples with 10, small circular motions. Then slowly inhale the oil from your fingertips five times. Studies show that inhaling an essential oil lowers the level of stress hormone – cortisol – in your blood. Try this stress reduction exercise 3-4 times a day and notice how different you feel at the end of the week.

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