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Chocolate and coffee — the ultimate power couple.

Biodynamic chocolate company slash local obsession, Zenbunni, is dipping into the coffee pool with, who else, but a biodynamic coffee company (the first ever in the US). The result is a dream-level-delicious collab we can’t believe hasn’t happened sooner!

If Zenbunni’s raw, vegan, gluten, soy, and refined sugar free chocolate tells us anything, it’s that their coffee is bound to be bomb. The green beauty gurus behind NYC’s CAP Beauty are stocking up and telling all… 

Our morning coffee routine is taken higher with the addition of skin-, mood- and hormone-balancing ingredients added to the high-vibe coffee from our friends at Zenbunni. He Shou Wu supports the health of your hair, skin and nails while reishi delivers its feminine energy and takes your daily cup down a notch. Coconut butter is your healthy fat and slows down the release of the water soluble herbs and caffeine while tocotrienols provides a delicious alternative to traditional cream. This biodynamic coffee from Zenbunni gets you going while grounding you. Get ready to take flight.

High-Vibe Zenbunni Coffee


1 cup brewed Zenbunni coffee (we like a Chemex brew)
1 tsp coconut butter
1/4 tsp he shou wu
1/4 tsp reishi
1 tsp Tocos (tocotrienols)
1/8 tsp cinnamon or cardamom
homemade nut or seed milk


Combine all ingredients in a high-speed blender and blend for a full minute.

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