We know we’re not alone in our obsession with paper goods and stationery—after all, there’s nothing quite as touching as getting a hand-written ‘Thank You’ letter or invitation (sorry, Paperless Post!). Of course, the only thing that could make us happier is receiving said note on beautifully hand-painted paper and envelopes. Thankfully, we’ve just spotted this DIY project on MiniEco that’s perfect for the paper-phile in all of us. Just pick up these easy-to-find materials and follow the simple instructions to create the prettiest marbled stationery ever—trust us, there’s not a chance you’ll be getting a “return to sender” anytime soon!

  • Here's what you'll need and an easy step-by-step guide:

  • Materials:
    • Marbling paint. I used Marabu Easy Marble (not a sponsored plug!)
    • A tray (I used a recycled foil food container)
    • Paper (make sure it fits inside your tray)
    • Water
    • Cocktail sticks (a twig will do!)
    • White spirit for cleaning up (or cooking oil…see comments section below for details)
    • Newspaper
    • An old top or Apron 
  • Instructions:
    • Fill your foil container with some water….a few inches is fine. Then pop some drops of marbling paint onto the water. Limit your palette to three or four colours.
    • Give the water a swirl with a cocktail stick.
    • Shake a few more drops into the water if you fancy!
    • Once you are happy with the pattern gently lower your paper on top of the water and leave it for a few moments.
    • Then carefully lift the paper off the surface of the water.
    • Pop your design, face up, on some newspaper to dry.
  • Hints:

    For more helpful hints, check out MiniEco!

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