Think of yourself as an over-grown flower girl for the day and wreak some havoc on your side yard! Flower bombs are the sweetest idea – and oh-so-appropriate for this pre-Earth Day weekend! Toss and forget these seed-laden dirt clods and watch a lovely surprise emerge just weeks later. We love the idea of gathering children or friends out into our yards this weekend and creating this quiet, yet joyful counter to everything clogging our news feed this week.

Flower bombs are a fun and mischievously easy way to set a field ablaze with wildflowers. We were inspired by Poketo’s charming seed bomb and slingshot kit (pictured above), surely a great choice for kids or the lazy gardener. We also love the idea of a little DIY. Flower bombs make adorable wedding favors or Mother’s Day gifts – gift a muslin bag full to a grandmother and let her enjoy a little green trouble-making with the little ones!

Poketo’s version offers seed bombs in both wildflower mixes and herb blends; certainly the laziest way to get fresh herbs – but we kind of love it!

If you’d rather whip up these little gems yourself, here are some simple instructions from The Frugal Girls! To note: the finished products look strikingly similar to raw cookies or truffles, so keep an eye out for confused snack-seekers!

  • DIY Flower Bombs
    by The Frugal Girls

  • You'll need:
    • Packets of wild flowers or herbs
    • Air-dry red clay
    • Organic gardening soil
    • 2 cups of water
    • A little outdoor space or some newspaper for indoor assembly
  • Instructions:

    These little babies are easy to make! Select your flowers or herbs, gather materials and head to the yard to whip up these simple dirt 'truffles'. It's all about suing the red clay to make things stick.

    Click on over to The Frugal Girls for full instructions and some cute packaging ideas...

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