Before trying this incredible full body routine to support circulation, reduce bloating and boost immunity, learn all about your lymphatic system and fascia with our stories here and here. Warning: this kind of self-care routine is totally addictive in the best possible sense…

The Full Body Lymphatic Drainage Routine

First, Get Moving | Gentle bouncing or exercise stimulates the lymphatic system.

Use A Body Brush } Begin with body brushing to stimulate the circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluid, it is also a gentle exfoliant. Sweep from the extremities toward the heart. No oil is needed — naked skin is preferred. Best performed before a shower or bath. Use a light to medium pressure. Your skin may turn slightly red or pink, which is a normal reaction. Learn more. 

Take a Shower | Then apply body oil.

Body Gua Sha with the Empress Stone | Use firm pressure. It should feel like a deep tissue massage. Using firm pressure might leave a mark on the skin, this indicates a release of toxins and stagnation in the tissues. These marks, known as “sha,” are perfectly normal and will disappear after a few days. Use lighter pressure to avoid marks on the skin. Go slowly and check the area of concern often.

Find Wildling’s Empress Stone the full Empress Collection here. Coming Soon – Aura Body Gua Sha Collection!

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  1. Love this! Can I do the dry brushing AFTER I shower instead (and before the body oil and gua sha), so I can be sure I don’t dry bush any deodorant I would have on pre-shower?

    Kate | 07.16.2020 | Reply
  2. A lymphatic drainage massage can help you feel energized, while also boosting your digestion, circulation, and metabolic rate, which allows you to burn calories more effectively. It can also improve your sleep by reducing bloating and water retention, as well as relieving constipation and bloating. Body Gua Sha massage therapy, on the other hand, is a natural method of increasing lymphatic drainage and blood circulation by scratching the skin with a massage device.

    Body Gua Sha | 06.06.2022 | Reply

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