I am a busy mother of three and I make lunch for all three of my kids, five days a week during the school year.  That comes out to just under 600 lunchboxes a year.

I was in a lunchbox rut, which seems to be a common trend for moms. So in January, I challenged myself to make colorful, original, nutritious lunchboxes while trying to be as efficient with my time as possible.  School lunchbox making can be tedious, so I want to share my experiences with you. Hopefully, these ideas and tips will make your life easier and your kids lunchboxes healthier.

This lunchbox includes:

1. Mini polenta pizzas as main course. Polenta is an excellent, gluten free alternative to pizza crust.  Look for organic, as corn is a heavily sprayed crop.

2. Organic peas are a great source of protein and vitamin A.

3. Mango is rich in antioxidants, and often referred to as a “super fruit”.

4.  Purple and white cauliflower with a yogurt paprika dip. Kids love to dip.  Try packing hummus, yogurt, oil and vinegar with the veggies…it will help your kids develop a taste for different veggies.

5.   Dates stuffed with walnuts. Dates have a high concentration of minerals, including potassium, magnesium and selenium and coupled with walnuts, which are packed with omega-3s. They are a great combination to keep your kids brains nourished all day long.


Photo credit: Cindy de Castro

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