Lululemon skincare gel

Your workout effort is showing — but not in the way you want. We love a good sweat when we’re in the studio, but we don’t want that redness to linger an hour later while we’re headed into the office or meeting a friend for lunch. Fitnesswear giant, Lululemon just dropped their first skincare products (see all the Lululemon skincare products here) this week and one of them is designed to address just this. Bound to become an instant classic for the gym set, their gel-based moisturizer is designed to put post-workout redness in its place and provide moisture while you’re still sweaty.

The lightweight moisturizer cleanses, calms and hydrates thanks to potent natural ingredients like algae and a high-performance moisturizing molecule designed to provide instant and long-term hydration for your face — even if you’re breaking a sweat. It’s also free of ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates.

The game-changing gel is part of the new Lululemon skincare lineup, a collection of self-care products including a dry shampoo, deodorant and lip balm. We have a feeling they’ll become as much of a staple as their slimming black leggings. Check out our two faves below…

lululemon moisturizerLululemon Sweat Reset Moisturizer | Splash your face with water after an intense workout, slather some of this stuff on and go. This breathable, weightless gel features an innovative tri-active formula that helps reset a flushed face back to its pre-workout color. It’s formulated for most skin types, even oily and acne-prone. Algae helps cleanse the skin, menthyl provides a non-irritating cooling effect, and pomegranate enzyme gently exfoliates to get skin extra glowy. CHECK OUT

lululemon dry shampooLululemon No Show Dry Shampoo | No shower? No problem. Dry shampoo is a life-saver when you’re trying to move from gym to real life quickly. This aluminum-free formula goes on invisibly and controls oil, dirt and general grossness with grace. Featuring green and brown algae, tapioca starch and argan oil, the clean ingredient list is one more reason to keep this baby in your gym bag. CHECK OUT

What do you think of the new Lululemon skincare products? Will you try them or stick to the black leggings you’ve always loved? 

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