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Meet our new series spotlighting podcast episodes worth a good listen or two, especially as the weather cools, our schedules constrict and we look for new ways to make the most of our time. As you may be well aware, podcasts make great companions for short runs, long commutes, cooking preparation and just about any other activity we can think of in which the brain is allowed to roam free.

Our first episode in the spotlight is a hardcore wellness pick from Luke Storey’s The Life Stylist pod. Luke is a devoted biohacker with a voracious appetite for people, schools of thought and innovative ideas meant to optimize quality of life – mostly with a wellness bent. Here’s why we listened to the pod more than once, gushed about it to friends, and recommend you taking a listen for yourself…

the pod:
The Life Stylist Podcast by Luke Storey; Episode #74: The End of Cancer: A Hidden Cure with Dr. Mark Sircus

the message:
 Dr. Sircus is a doctor of oriental medicine committed to promoting his wildly affordable and relatively simple protocols to deal with cancer. Skeptical? Why wouldn’t you be. The podcast description itself doesn’t mince any words:

“Let’s face it — In the world of natural and alternative medicine, there is no shortage of bullshit. Snake oil. False claims. Woo-woo nonsense. Regardless, there is also a wealth of knowledge and viable information that has largely been suppressed…” 

Luke and Doctor Sircus discuss the doctor’s natural, albeit controversial, point of view on natural health and disease prevention. They also get right down to the quick of what Dr. Sircus is all about, walking listeners through the affordable treatments Sircus promotes for those interested in preventing or treating disease.

why we loved it:
We’re the first to raise our eyebrows at incredible claims and too-good-to-be-true premises. But we’re also open to the idea of non-conventional natural health protocols because we’ve had so many great experiences with them ourselves. And we’re familiar with just how shockingly cheap and simple natural remedies can be sometimes.

Take a listen and let us know your thoughts.We certainly make no endorsement of Dr. Sicrus’ claims, but his out of the box ideas and personal health habits definitely had us intrigued.

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