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The Grammy’s happened last weekend and, despite the weirdness of the event being half-remote, half-live, we still loved seeing a little over-the-top glamour in action after a very glamour-free year.

One beauty stand-out for us was was this natural shot of Lizzo on Instagram via facialist Ivan Pol. Lizzo’s final look may have involved faux lashes, lip gloss, mile-long nails and a bit of Balmain, but it was this skincare shot that inspired us most. Here’s why…

Lizzo skincare from instagram

Lizzo’s final Grammy’s glam will get more coverage, but beauty devotees will likely notice that the ‘bop star’s’ biggest luxury of the day was this facial prep with two of Hollywood’s biggest beauty obsessions right now: Augustinus Bader and The Beauty Sandwich.

Ivan Pol is a celebrity facialist and the creator of The Beauty Sandwich facial. His treatment “naturally highlights and improves facial tone without the use of lasers, needles , or chemicals” and has been used in the prep for more magazine cover shoots than we can count. Just like facials at a magazine shoot, for the Grammy’s, a treatment like this is ideal because it involves no swelling or downtime. (For proof, take another gander at the stunning shot of Lizzo’s snatched cheekbones above!)

Originally starting his career as a makeup artist, it seem Pol grew tired of contouring with makeup and wanted to actually firm and sculpt the face itself. According to his client roster filled with A-list models and celebs, he’s learned to master that in-demand beauty task.

On top of receiving Ivan’s signature facial, Lizzo was also prepped with product from Augustinus Bader, who makes the cultiest skincare cream to come along since Dr. Barbara Sturm launched her skincare line a few years ago. Victoria Beckham is famously devoted to the cream, and trust-worthy beauty curators like Violet Grey have included the brand in their offerings.

Ivan revealed that he mixed Bader’s The Face Oil into his ultrasound gel and applied it to her skin pre-treatment to infuse and penetrate the nutrients at a deeper level. “In doing this, Lizzo will have an effortless glow from within without looking too shiny or greasy.” He then sealed in the treatment with The Rich Cream to “lock-in” the glow. “That way, it holds for hours and works seamlessly with makeup.”

The results on Lizzo’s skin are stunning — before even a drop of makeup. While The Beauty Sandwich treatment can run north of $800 a session, and Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream is over $200, we loved this under-the-radar beauty moment moment at one of Hollywood’s most over-the-top events as a reminder that skincare will always rule over makeup, no matter how good the contouring gets!

Our team has been trying The Rich Cream this month, after the brand’s latest reformulation, and have to admit the cream is very good. It’s not too thick, slightly tacky and have to not that it makes us completely forget about our skin all day — an under-rated metric in rating a skincare product’s effectiveness. It’s neither too heavy or too light and over our test period our skin has been calm and supple without feeling suffocated with heavy product.

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