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Listen, there’s a reason our fridges are stocked with Pressed Juicery Greens 1 and Greens 3 — juicing is a total chore. When it comes to juicing, we rely on pre-made juices for everyday, but drag out our juicer from time to time for the ultimate wellness treat: freshly made green juice with ginger and fresh turmeric. There’s really nothing like it.

We asked six wellness bloggers, chefs, and nutritionists which juicer they use at home (and what juices they make!) and here’s what they told us…

A note on juicing: Juice gets a bad rap for being high in sugar, but that’s not always the case. Create low-sugar juice recipes with plenty of leafy greens and you have a highly absorbable, nutrient-dense, vitamin-rich brew loaded with benefits.

Holistic Nutritionist, Daphne Javitch

Juicer of choice:  Omega Juicer

Why I like it: I’ve dubbed this the Manolo Blahnik of juicers. It’s an investment, but if you’re into juicing it’s ultimately workable if you use it regularly long-term. Fresh is best! Our go-to daily green juice is cucumber, celery, fennel, green apple, basil and lime.

Nutritionist, Alle Weil

Juicer of choice:  Omega Vert 

Why I like it:  A slow speed and masticating juicer like this one oxidizes fruits and vegetables much less than centrifugal juicers, meaning they last longer and also extract more juice and nutrients. The Vert also has a lower price point than the Hurom, which I also highly recommend.  

I was juicing celery juice everyday for some time and noticed wonderful benefits to my energy and balance of hormones. Now I love throwing in cucumber as well as fennel and lemon. I recently relocated to a much colder climate and I’m experiencing the change of seasons fully, I’m so much more tuned into the energetic and thermogenic nature of fruits and veggies. I drink juices at room temperature, adding warming herbs and spices such as ginger and grounding root veggies, such as beets and even winter squash, during the colder winter months. 

Holistic Nutritionist, Kristin Dahl 

Juicer of choice: Hurom Slow Juicer

Why I like it: It doesn’t heat up — leaving all of the minerals and nutrients intact while juicing. Juices taste extra fresh and vibrant ! Plus, It’s easy to clean and you can make nut mylks and ice cream with it! Best ever!

My favorite green juice includes 4-6 stalks of celery, 2-3 stalks of kale, 1/2 a fennel bulb, 1/2 a lemon, 1-2 pears — also lovely to add a few sprigs of fresh mint or cilantro or parsley!

Raw Vegan Chef, Meredith Baird

Juicer of choice: Hurom H-AA Slow Juicer

Why I like it: It’s easy to use, easy to clean, slow press, and doesn’t take up a ton of counter space! 

Lately I add all the grapefruit in juice, and a little jalapeno for spice. While juicing too much fruit isn’t great, I think that people should add a 1/2 apple or some fruit if it makes them that much more excited about drinking it. Even though I love a hard core green juice, balancing it with a little fruit usually does make it more enjoyable. Citrus is great for this too because it’s low in sugar. Grapes are also amazing in juice and were just in season. Don’t fear fruit is my advice! 

Nutritionist, Elissa Goodman, IHN 

Juicer of choice: Kuvings whole slow elite

Why I like it: A low speed juicer like this one protects enzymes and prevents oxidation.

A lot of nutrient-dense juicing veggies can be bitter or earthy tasting. Add mint, basil, lemon, lime, and ginger to help round out those flavors. You can also add sweet root vegetables, like beets and carrots, or fruit, like green apple and mandarin oranges, to mellow out the bitterness. These are sources of nutrients and sugar, so use them sparingly if you want to keep the sugar load low.

Wellness Author, Jordan Younger Albrecht

Juicer of choice: Nama Well

Why I like it: It is easy to use and clean, uses top of the line technology, and retains the most amount of nutrients. I love celery apple lemon and ginger. And my tip is add one green apple to any juice it’s delish and perfect.

Do you juice at home? What’s your juicer of choice — any tips?

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