Runway models and role models aren’t always one in the same, but balanced babe and former TCM guest editor, Lily Aldridge, has a heart as golden as her healthy reputation.

We’re celebrating Vogues 125th anniversary and Pressed Juicery’s exclusive collab all summer with our series on TCM spotlighting people who land between the worlds of fashion and wellness. Check out the full series here, then read below for our chat with Lily about the barre workout she’s loyal to and for the smile that’s contagious, even in print…

This season in 3 words:

Full of love.

My uniform this season:

Flowing cotton dresses with a nice tan and a smile.

Healthy dish I rely on lately:

Lemongrass chicken with brown rice and a pickled salad.

Always in my fridge:

Pressed Juicery.

3 daily wellness habits:

Writing three things I’m thankful for when I wake up, working out, smiling.

To stay healthy on the run I…

Pack healthy snacks.

Natural beauty tip:

Yogurt face mask with a touch of honey.

Always in my day bag:

Windsor Edwards lip balm.

Health habit that changed my life:

I try and be healthy, but always make sure and enjoy indulgences when they are presented to me!

Workout I love:

Ballet Beautiful by Mary Helen Bowers.

Recent inspirations:

All the incredible recipients of World of Children awards that work to protect all children of the world.

Cause that’s closest to my heart:

St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis and World of Children.

My current mantra:

All you need is love.

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