On My List: Grocery Shopping with Lola Berry

This fair-headed Aussie is making a big splash over here in the States with her unique take on health – and we’re eager to get on board! Lola Berry is a nutritionist who gleans her pearls of wisdom from her own personal journey: she lost forty four pounds in just twenty weeks, utilizing what she calls an “anti-diet.” With a serious focus on wholesome foods, she stocks her kitchen with only fresh items that resemble a Paleo diet – all things that come from land and sea, except for processed grains, legumes and dairy.

What makes Lola different from all the other health pros popping up around town? She lets her wildly audacious personality live front center! She has somehow managed with ease to get the world amped about health and good food. Her angle? The shock factor. There is very little Lola Berry won’t do in the name of nutrition: she has convinced a TV host to swallow raw wasabi on live national television, has munched on one of the world’s hottest chillies, and (our personal favorite) has handed out actual black-eyed peas to celebrities at an official Black Eyed Peas red carpet event. With personality and passion to boot, she’s using all kinds of tactics to get others into living a healthy lifestyle they love. Take a stroll with Lola through her local grocery store, and see exactly what fuels this colorful Aussie’s fire…

Grocery Shopping with Lola Berry

Favorite place to shop:

HUSK – amazing frocks and staff are next level!

My favorite veggie:


Produce Shopping Tip:

Smell it – fresh is always best.

Must-have munchies:

Kale chippies and Liefegram chocolate!

Fave condiments:

Extra-virgin olive oil and lemon juice.

Meat, fish and protein:

All of it – love it as long as it’s ethical and fresh.

Best bargain:

A frock I got in Byron (the markets).

Best label-reading tip:

Forget the numbers and anything you can’t read… you should understand everything you are buying.

Must-have staples:

Coconut oil, avocado and salmon.

Craziest thing I buy:


Naturally Sweet:

Raw chocolate.

Dairy or non-dairy favs:

Skip the labels that read:

Anything that feels like you are in a chemistry class – you should be able to know what everything means.

My Shopping Bag is...


Simple go-to recipe:

Crispy salmon done in coconut oil with lime, chili and coriander. Plus an epic avocado salad with cherry tomatoes, olives, chili, coriander, basil and loads of extra-virgin olive oil, sea salt and pepper.

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