Lisa Ling’s Tips For An Eco-Chic Nursery

Lisa Ling has created a beautiful home for her family that is eco-chic and we imagine that she’s spending plenty of time in the nursery after welcoming baby Jett into the world just a few weeks ago!

Since many new parents have questions about creating a nursery that is non-toxic and adorable we thought we’d go straight to the source and ask Lisa and her eco interior decorator, Marco DiMaccio of Punch House Design group to talk us through designing a kids room that is beautiful, peaceful and completely green!

Offering green tips for a nursery is something that many parents may have an interest in and there are plenty of great products out there that will keep the entire family happy and safe. I definitely recommend doing your research and make sure you pick pieces that are right for your family and your home! Here are some of our favorite tips and resources:

Silestone by Cosentino: This product can be used on furniture tops or vanity tops and is 100% non-porous and does not emit radeon gas. This recycled quartz surface does not promote bacterial growth and it’s beautiful, too!

Duette Architella Shades: Hunter Douglas has developed a blackout shade that resists thermal transfer and creates a room that is dark enough to promote healthy sleep patterns—just don’t forget a night light for the little ones!

Flor Carpet Squares: FLOR offers so many color and pattern choices that aid in designing a room, which may be adaptable to a design change. All of the carpet is recycled and may be one of the best options when it comes to versatility by keeping the nursery looking current and VOC free as your baby grows.

Want more expert advice? Don’t forget to check out Christopher Gavigan and Jessica Alba’s Honest tips for an eco-nursery with plenty of great ideas for creating the safest and cutest room for the little ones!

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We're thrilled to introduce Lisa Ling, our March guest editor!

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