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There’s a glow we’re looking for after a day at the beach and looking dehydrated has nothing to do with it.

We love to spend a long summer day at a beach or hotel pool, but the truth is that the combination of sun and dehydrating drinks can take a major toll on our skin. Of course, there’s facial spritz and tinted sunscreen, but the heavy lifting has everything to do with how we hydrate. Here’s what the glowiest girls know about staying vibrant after a full day of sun and a few glasses of rosé…

How to Pack for a Glowier Beach Day

multiply your hydration. Keep summer skin juicy by staying well-hydrated. To counter sweat loss and that spicy poolside margarita, more than just a water bottle is required. Try spiking each bottle of water with deeply hydrating electrolytes (and skin-loving vitamin C). We commit to two bottles filled with Liquid I.V. on every beach trip. The non-gmo electrolyte powder is grounded in good science and designed to address even acute dehydration. Using a specific ratio of sodium, glucose, and potassium, these portable stick packs delivers water and key nutrients directly to the bloodstream more quickly than plain water alone. According to the brand, one Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier can match the effects of two to three regular bottles of water. We’ve been drinking it and the effects are palpable.

here’s what to pack: 2-3 sticks of Liquid I.V. (we love the lemon-lime flavor) and 2-3 bottles of water per person. For water bottles, check out these beauties: a gold and white glass bottle from Ban.do or this giant pale pink version from bkr — pack them up filled with filtered water and Liquid I.V. powder already mixed in.

Hydrate with food.We were reminded of this essential beauty tip from Danielle and Whitney of Sakara Life. Hydration is about much more than our intake of plain water. Our bodies need water-based foods like fruits and veggies for minerals and nutrients to help us absorb water well and maintain hydration levels over time. Fruits and veggies happen to make ideal beach food. At the pool? Order a fruit plate and bottle of water. Hydrate with the fruit and spike the water with the electrolyte powder!

here’s what to pack: Fresh citrus fruit, sliced cucumber with a sprinkle of pink salt, jicama sticks with lime juice, watermelon slices and fresh green juices. Prep everything at home to avoid a sandy, sticky mess!

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Powerful skin Supplements. Our readers went gangbusters for this story on astaxanthin. Algae-sourced astaxathin contains antioxidants 800 times stronger than CoQ10, 550 times stronger than green tea catechins and 75 times stronger than alpha lipoic acid. Not bad, right? We’ve been popping this powerful antioxidant on vacation days to keep skin even and smooth.

here’s what to pack: You can pop this skin-healing supplement at home, but if you want to double down on antioxidants, be sure to take to heart all our tips above. You can also pack along an iced matcha latte made with almond or coconut milk – matcha is famous for it’s beautifying antioxidants too.

Pull Out The Popsicles. Enjoying an ice cold popsicle amid a scorching summer beach or pool day helps to bring your body temperature down, making it a bit harder to become dehydrated. According to Columbia University, cold water (or in this case, cold melty popsicle water) is absorbed more quickly  into your body than warm water, helping you rehydrate more quickly.

here’s what to pack: Use frozen popsicles and frozen water bottles to line your cooler: you’ll keep other food cold instead of wasting ice! Here are some of our favorite healthy popsicle recipes, including ultra-refreshing collagen pops. Pro tip: use hydrating foods and Liquid I.V. in your recipes for an ultra-hydrating treat.

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face-saving foods. Did you know that certain foods can help to protect your skin from sun damage? Don’t skip the sunscreen, but consider adding these supports to your skincare regimen too. According to Eat Pretty author, Jolene Hart, tomatoes and basil can protect skin from the damaging effects of UV rays (caprese, anyone?). Integrative health specialist, Christine Dionese, told us that “dark berries, avocados, carrots, cacao, cinnamon, camu and micro-algaes all contain flavonals and polyphenols to prevent free-radical damage that can be caused by excessive exposure to sun.” Her drinkable form of sun protection is pretty cool.

here’s what to pack: Bring a stash of fresh berries or pre-party with a berry smoothie. Extra points for carrot sticks and hummus which make an ideal sunny day snack. Before heading out for the day, consider a breakfast of avocado toast and coffee – just add cacao and cinnamon to pack in all the benefits!

liquid iv saleThis story is brought to you in partnership with Liquid I.V. Shop our exclusive offer to enjoy 20% off our new summer wellness staple. 

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  1. I actually ordered this awhile ago, but didn’t realize it contained so much sugar. I was really bummed. Hopefully they’ll come out with a sugar free version in the future.

    • I’m also curious why they would have so much sugar added as well, along with natural flavors?

      Kristen | 08.06.2018 | Reply
    • Wow, yeah 11g of sugar! Imagine 3 packets of these you’ve consumed 33g of sugar where the recommended is no higher than 20g per day. I was interested in the product until then. I get the Electrolyte samina Power pak, its only 5 g per packet with all the trace minerals.

      Jennine | 08.06.2018 | Reply
    • Hi guys, we asked Liquid IV about this before featuring, too! Here’s what they shared:

      “We do often hear the concern for sugar but what’s important to emphasize is that the pure cane sugar in Liquid IV is strictly for function rather than taste. Sugar is a key component in our Cellular Transport Technology science that helps deliver hydration faster and more efficiently.

      As it relates to blood sugar, Liquid IV has a relatively low glycemic index and doesn’t significantly spike blood sugar levels. We actually have a number of diabetics who use the product on a regular basis. However, we know each person is different and we always recommend customers to consult their physician regarding any specific health needs.”

      The Chalkboard Mag | 08.06.2018 | Reply
  2. I run 50 mile and 100k trail races even in the summer heat and sun and do just fine with $5 electrolyte packets from the grocery store. There’s a ton of sodium in Liquid IV stuff, too. Even more than I would feel comfortable with when running , but that’s just me.

    Kiki | 08.06.2018 | Reply

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