Lily Aldridge On Her Pre-Runway Diet + The Mask She Uses Weekly

Okay, she didn’t wake up like this, but she does wake up like this. Our August Guest Editor, model Lily Aldridge is schooling us today on beauty basics. Her, count ’em, twenty tips – from her VS fashion show prep to the mask she’s whipping up weekly – have us circling back to some of our favorite natural beauty basics.

What we love most about Lily’s insights is that nothing you’ll take away from this list feels like a chore – nightly dinner of salmon and fresh asparagus? Hardly sounds like deprivation to us! These are the kinds of beauty tips we can wholly embrace. Lily’s list of twenty tips prove why this balanced babe has earned her place in the wellness spotlight. We’re trying this old school yogurt and honey mask ASAP…

lily aldridge diet beauty tips

20 beauty habits with Lily Aldridge

Beauty tool:

Every woman should own an eyelash curler.

Eating for beauty:

Grilled salmon with lemon and asparagus! I basically eat this every day getting ready for the Victoria’s Secret show, plus green juice – and I feel incredible.

For glowing skin:

I can’t speak more highly about drinking aloe water for your skin! It’s amazing!

In a pinch I…

Always have a Larabar in my bag.

Can’t travel without…


Go-to DIY:

Yogurt-and-honey mask – I make it weekly!

In the shower…

It’s all about body scrub. Coconut oil with coffee grounds is a good DIY scrub.

Obsession of the moment:

Pho. I make it at home. 

In my evening clutch:

Lip balm.

On my nightstand…

Again, lip balm!

Beautifying drink:

Aloe water is so good for your skin! I drink it daily.

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Red lipstick. I love Nars Dragon Girl.

Weirdest beauty habit:

I cover my face in oil at night before bed. It makes my skin so soft when I wake up.

Once a month I…

Go to Beverly Hills Hot Springs and get a body scrub!

After a long-night…

A hot bath and sleep!

On little sleep…

I drink tons of green tea!

Product that changed my skin…

Proactiv Plus.

Daily must-have:

One green juice a day.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Less. Is. More.

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