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Wellness is about people. We’re lucky to be part of a community that values the human element of health, and are always warmed by stories of practitioners who embrace “Lifestyle Medicine” and do more than just sign a prescription pad and go. We’re especially moved by the anecdotes that come from you, so this month’s reader poll (explore previous ones here) is dedicated to spotlighting the healers and helpers in your lives who go above and beyond.

We were inspired by this dedication from the pages of Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book, The End of Heart Disease, after our recent feature with the doctor:

“…to the physicians who utilize Lifestyle Medicine, showing they can cure by spending the extra time to communicate and motivate their patients to take control of their health, despite the challenges and resistance of society and even their peers. Millions of human life years have been saved by their dedication.”

There might be a lot to complain about when it comes to our current medical system, but we’re stopping to honor those who make a difference day in and day out. We took to social media and asked if your doctors have ever gone the extra mile. Check out some of our favorite responses below, and hop over to Instagram to read up on the rest!

My chiropractor has literally saved my life. She was the first specialist to work with me to uncover the root of my issues and found the source of my discomfort instead of constantly masking the problem or pushing pain killers. She’s also gentle and intuitive, recommends me amazing herbs and yoga practices and has truly worked with me to restore my faith in medicine and healing. 💖

Funny you mention this because I was just marveling. My childhood, small-town pediatrician and his wife still regularly answer my emails on everything from muscle pains to postpartum anxiety. We send Christmas cards and this relationship is in some ways closer and more special to me than some of my family–they’ve become family. In a world of busy, inciting medical interactions this relationship gives me faith in physicians and the system.

Received a phone call from my anesthesiologist on the weekend after my surgery just to check in to see how I was feeling. The phone call was unexpected and extremely thoughtful!!

my functional MD/acupuncturist @drtiffanylester saved my health when I came back after my first internship in NYC. I had horrible insomnia, couldn’t keep anything in my system, and weighed little over 100 lbs. I was a wreck. Her care enabled me to do more than recover – I now live and work full time in NYC! She enabled me to follow my dreams, and I’ll always love her 🌸💗🌈✨💕💫

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37… thankful that I found a human as my breast surgeon. She has been there for me emotionally which I have needed the most over medical advice… even giving myeher personal cell phone number and we have spoken after hours. She cares about me, respects me and most of all is caring.

After 18 years of searching for the cause of my long list of debilitating symptoms, countless doctors, multiple specialists, and more trips to the ER then I can count, I finally met a LLMD (Lyme literate medical doctor) who quite literally saved my life. At this point I was bed ridden. She sat me down at my first appointment and cried along side with me, held my hand, and promised that I would get my life back. Two years later I am back in school, hiking, camping, and in full remission from Bartonella, Babesia, and Lyme disease. She regularly calls me just to see how I’m doing and to send her love.

In 2013 I had two liver transplants in a six month timespan. One of my doctors was with me for the entire eight month period I was living in the hospital. He came in every day, sat and talked with me, made jokes, played board games and even bought me books off of my reading list. He made the whole experience that much more manageable.

My OBGYN got herself assigned as assistant surgeon so that she could be in the room with me when I had a fibroid removed. Due to my job I had recently had my coverage changed to a company her practice didn’t accept. But she knew she could “assist” and be there (at 6am!) she just couldn’t actually perform the surgery. It meant the world that she would go out of her way to make sure I was comfortable.

After struggling with chronic hives for months and trying to do it without steroids, my allergist/ immunologist and I built up a friendship and trust with each other that I never experienced with any doctor before. There was a option for a safer medication that was only approved for asthma and not hives. The shots would have been at least $1,500 out of pocket and that wasn’t a option for me at the time. My doctor said he trusted me as a patient because he knew I was diligent in my treatment and he gave me the shots for free. I was in utter shock! It was unbelievable to me that money/insurance was not the first thing he cares about, but it was me, as a person, not just the next patient.

@chalkboardmag Yes! We have an amazing pediatrician. She’s old-school in that she works out of the english basement underneath her office. She’s just really caring in so many ways. If the kids have colds when they come in for vaccinations she tells them to come back the following week. She takes the time to talk them patiently through everything she is doing and makes it a fun experience. What really sticks in my mind the most is when I brought our newborn twins home from the hospital. It had been a really tough pregnancy and we also had a 19 month old girl. I was struggling. She could sense thar right away and told me to stay home for the first few appointments, it would be too much trying to get them all out, so she would come to me. Writing this now I have tears of gratitude welling in my eyes.

Do you have an experience of your own? Share your story in the comments below!
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