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Lauren Roxburgh is an internationally renowned author and wellness educator on all things fascia, movement medicine and emotional health. Our editor-in-chief hosted a few live events with this beloved bodyworker earlier this year where we learned this powerful fascia health routine. Lauren insists this is nearly all she does for daily exercise lately (between weekly foam rolling, rebounding and sauna!). If you’d like to learn more, check out Lauren’s virtual Aligned Life Studio for 30 days free with code CHALKBOARD30. 

This flow activates and energizes your body in just minutes a day. It’s based on getting the metabolic pathways in the body—electrical circuits in the fascia. Think of it like your electrical wiring sending the electrical current (think meridians) clear and flowing. Each of these pathways is a physical and energetic, whole body pathway of tissue alive with consciousness.

The fascia connects all parts of the body and wraps around our muscles, organs, nerves, glands, and lymph nodes. This fascia network touches every cell and wraps around everything like the scaffolding of the body. The five pathways run up the front down the back, up the center and the sides of the body while spiraling around the body.

These pathways don’t just provide the scaffolding of the body. New research is showing that these fascial pathways are both a communication, network, and a conduit of electricity in your body (learn more in my comprehensive breakdown here). The reality is, we are actually semiconductors.

Things like poor posture, injuries, poor nutrition, environmental toxins, emotional issues, negative thought patterns, and even trauma can cause congestion, blockages and inflammation in these pathways, and this can make us feel sluggish, loaded and exhausted. When we engage and clear the way, these moves ignite these pathways and help clear, physical and emotional blockages. And it also helps us kick-start metabolism, simulate the lymphatic system, rebalance the nervous system, and even help us tune in to our instinct and intuition.

It’s crucial to get these pathways moving every day. This is where my 10 minute flow comes in. Each flow will engage each of the pathways to ensure we’re clearing and cleansing and firing up these fascial pathways improving regeneration. I like to call Fascia the Wi-Fi of the body so these flows are essentially going to help us upgrade our internal Wi-Fi.

Lauren Roxburgh’s Daily Fascia Health Routine

01 | Start with a body scan. Tune in to the sensations of your body and soul to align your body and energy from your feet to your head. Take a deep sigh.

02 | Breath of fire for 30 seconds.

03 | Body slapping. (Yes, body slapping – watch the video!)

04 | Open up the subconscious mind.

05 | Open up the metabolic five pathways in the body (Electrical circuits in Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridians):

Front Body: Inspiration – heart, lung, stomach
Back Body: Grounded – kidney
Side Body: Twist, expand and take up space while releasing anger, resentment, frustration – spleen meridian
Center Body: Restore balance of control and surrender – pelvic floor
Root – liver meridian
Spirit Body Spiral – head (awaken intuition), intestines, gallbladder, bladder meridians, neck.

06 | Bounce.

07 | Lion’s breath.

08 | Breath of fire again for another 30 seconds.

09 | Jump squat.

10 | Hum or ‘om’. This affects our physiology through the release of nitric oxide.

11 | Seal the routine with a clear intention and an elevated emotion, creating a coherence of mind and body, thought and feeling.

Try this for one week – and tell us your experience below! Join Lauren’s Aligned Life Studio for 30 days free with code CHALKBOARD30

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