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Whether you’re meeting your significant other’s family over the holidays, sleeping on your great aunt’s couch over Christmas, or staying with your best friend for New Year’s Eve, they say a good guest never arrives empty handed.

We’ve rounded up a few clever hostess gift ideas you can scale up into full on holiday gifts or scale back as a sweet gift on arrival!

7 Clever Hostess Gift Ideas For Every Scenario

coffee clip scoop

2-in-1  Tablespoon Scoop-Clip + a good bag of coffee | We’re obsessed with these bag clips that serve as scoops too! Buy these scoops in triplet and clip them onto a bag of hot cocoa, coffee beans like Canyon Coffee, or a good green powder like this incredible Daily Greens from Equilibria for a quick and perfect hostess gift or simple treat for co-workers and friends.

non alcoholic champagne

A bottle of French Bloom + Coupes from reidel | Staying with a sober friend or hosting one for NYE? French Bloom is the best alcohol-free sparkling wine we’ve tried! Buzz or no, great glassware keeps things festive – turn this hostess gift into a full-on holiday gift with these classic coupes from legacy crystal brand Reidel. Believe it or not, a set of these glasses are still dishwasher-safe.finex grill press

Finex Grill Press + Cast Iron Pans | If you know you’ll be wined and dined by your hosts (or even your parents!), the least you can do is bring what’s needed for the perfect late night snack. Pick up the best cheddar you can find and this special cast iron grill press for midnight grilled cheeses. Need a more substantial kitchen gift? Finex’s cast iron pans are some of the most gorgeous we’ve seen (reminder: cast iron is non-toxic!).ember mug gifts

an Ember Mug – or two | Staying with your mom or best friend from home and plan on catching up for hours? Gift them an Ember Mug (or two!) to keep the coffees hot while you flip through endless old photos or chat until noon. Ember Mugs keep tea and coffee as that perfect first sip down to the last drop. Pairs well with the coffee scoop-clip above! natural popcorn popper

a popcorn maker | Staying with a movie-loving family? Bring an air popper and a bag or two of popcorn kernels. Air poppers avoid the dangers of microwaveable popcorn bags and be sure the popping corn is organic and non-GMO. Bonus points for a jar of nutritional yeast to add a cheesy flavor with no cheese. Wholier’s spicy nutritional yeast is a TCM team fave.

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