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Imagine touring for months on end as the star of your own show – constantly in the spotlight. To most of us, it may sound like a dream to express our art in front of a devoted crowd night after night, but what most of us concert goers and art lovers don’t consider is the amount of physical and emotional labor required to pull off dozens of shows – in good health.

Who knows the (beautiful) struggle better than Lady Gaga and team? Gaga’s current tour is happening now through February around the world.

To get and keep the body in tip-top condition for a tour of shows, an army of wellness support is often required. We’ve talked to a few artist’s lately about the wellness team they travel with – from trainers to osteopaths – and have been learning about self-care through a whole other lens.

Recently, a friend here in LA rturned us on to Joomee Song, a talented LA-based aesthetician who often tours with Gaga and is known for her healing facial massage.

Musicians use their bodies as instruments, and – just like most athletes – therapeutic level care is often needed on the parts they use most.

Joomee’s deeply healing massage technique uses a unique Japanese microcurrent machine and her own intuitive massage technique to get deep into the tissues and muscles of the head, neck and face. Her signature style of facial massage is called Kaika and uses a combination of Shiatsu and acupressure to lift and tone the skin.

For anyone with problematic jaw or head tension, Joomee’s treatments are a dream. Add to that the impressive aesthetic benefits and we’ve got ourselves an official Hollywood beauty secret.

During our session with Joomee, she focused special pressure around the eyes and under the brow bone. Afterward, our eyes felt stronger, wider and more vibrant than they had in years. Joomee explained the chronic tensions can build up in soft tissue areas like these for years, creating unnecessary pain and an aged look. Massage around the jawline and cheekbones also created instant results – more definition and a pronounced de-puffing effect. All tension dissolved after Joomee’s work on neck and jaw, and her expertise with pressure points around the sinuses meant that a threatening cold did not at all manifest.

Women in the know in L.A. have been able to book Joomee in the past by referral only. For one of the first times ever, Joomee is opening up her appointment book to Chalkboard readers here. Try Joomee for a facial or call on her next time you feel you could benefit from head of jaw tension issues from her magical treatments.


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