There’s nothing like the taste of rose, especially in a tea, cocktail – or almond milk latte. We rarely find the intoxicating flavor of rose or other florals in food and drink here in L.A. so, when we do, we latch on hard.

We’ve been swooning over the rose and lavender lattes from Flowerboy Project in Venice for quite some time now, but recently realized we’d never gushed about it here on the site. Next time you need an unusual afternoon pick-me-up or are tasked with the group coffee run, pick up a couple of these floral-flavored beauties and find out what keeps us daydreaming about a coffee run during afternoon conference calls…

What i ate: Flowerboy Project’s Rose Girl and Lavender Boy lattes.

Why i ate it: Flowerboy is a unique, yet true to the Venice neighborhood find – gritty, but high-design. Wedged into an urban block on Lincoln Boulevard, Flowerboy Project is part of the emerging overflow of incredible shops and restaurants that can be found beyond Abbott Kinney. The small coffee shop offers everything from locally made donuts to homemade lavender peanut butter toast and matcha yogurt. These two floral lattes are our favorite items on the menu and come spiked with either rose or lavender syrup that can be ordered hot or cold with almond or real milk.

Why you need it: We recommend the Rose Girl on ice with almond milk. The taste of rose syrup is like nothing else – rich, but light; refreshing, but heady. We’re completely obsessed with the flavor and Flowerboy is one of the coffee shops that does it best. Rosewater is rich in flavonoids, antioxidants, tannins and essential vitamins like A, C, D, E and B3, but, even more notably, the unique taste has an uplifting effect on us that just can’t be denied (in other words, it’s just plain fun to drink.)

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