They say Fitness is 80% nutrition, 20% exercise. That means how we refuel after a workout directly influences the impact of that session. We know we need protein, but — it’s 2019 — most of us have transcended the basics and are interesting in learning about functional supplements and adaptogens too. How does it all fit together when it comes to optimizing our workout?

Figuring out what to eat after a workout can be a serious puzzle as fueling up for maximum results isn’t a one-size-fits-all kind of situation. A fully-loaded whey protein smoothie might work for most body builders, but your lifestyle and body type might call for something that nourishes in a totally different way.

Kyoku, a new brand that makes personalized post-workout protein powder, is addressing the issue of “what the heck do we eat after a workout” and helping us make the most of our fitness routine by leveraging the power of functional superfood ingredients.

Roughly 40-60% of Kyoku’s custom formulas consist of plant-based protein,  but the rest of the formula may contain a blend of powerful herbal ingredients and superfoods that help tackle specific goals. Kyoku considers body type, living environment, workout style, and fitness goals to personalize your blend. The personalized powder is delivered monthly and can be mixed with just water or blended up in an epic post-workout smoothie.

According to the experts at Kyoku, here are a few nutrients that best suit some common needs. Take the quiz to discover your own and then raid your superfood pantry and start working some of these ingredients into your post-workout routine…

For a 23-year-old woman with a packed weekly spin class schedule…

In addition to a relatively average proportion of plant-based protein, we would include superfood ingredients such as beetroot, holy basil, and turmeric for a spin class devotee like this. Why? These ingredients have been shown to improve endurance recovery and boost stamina during endurance and resistance exercises.

For A 28-year-old man who does CrossFit and is looking to gain lean muscle…

In addition to a relatively higher proportion of plant-based protein, we’d recommend superfood ingredients such as tart cherry, hemp seeds, and ashwagandha which help to repair and rebuild muscle fibers, reduce inflammation, and increase the speed of recovery post-workout.

For a  40-year-old vegan woman who loves yoga and is looking to stay toned…

In addition to a relatively lower proportion of plant-based protein, we would include other superfood ingredients such as green tea extract, grapefruit, and olive leaf which help increase metabolism, reduce sugar cravings, and curb overall metabolism to promote maintaining a trim and toned body state.

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