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We’re continuing our new weekly series on our favorite finds, TCM Item of the Week, with an edble pick we can’t ignore: this seaweed-wrapped burger burrito.

Here’s why this strange little wrap from Kye’s in Santa Monica has us ordering up a storm and rethinking what we call ‘health food’

What It Is: The Nori Burger from Kye’s in Santa Monica.

Kye’s is our go-to spot for macrobiotic wraps, bowls, black bean brownies and medicinal iced teas. Their wraps come expertly enveloped in either nori sheets or collard wraps and, while learning to eat one the right way is a skill, once mastered, the Kyrito is some of the best modern health food out there.

The Nori Burger is a macrobiotic burrito wrapped in salty nori paper with a layer of rice, grass-fed beef, chard, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup, mustard and nutritional yeast. It can ever be made Paleo by replacing the rice with a cauliflower almond mash.

Why We’re Obsessed: In California, it’s practically treason to compare anything to In N Out. Somehow, Kye’s has captured the classic all-American flavor and we have no shame making the comparison. Beyond its indisputable deliciousness, we love that this nutrient-packed wrap is made entirely with responsibly sourced, totally clean ingredients. Between the good fats in the grass-feed burger and the minerals in the nori, you can down the whole thing and still feel vibrant — the same can be said of very few other burger or burritos in town.

What To Do With It: Take a risk and try it. Somewhere between a sushi burrito and an In n’ Out burger, we’re not sure that the Nori Burger is for everybody, but it’s definitely for us. Which means, it’s probably for most TCM’ers too.

There’s a mini learning curve when it comes to the unwrapping. Take a deep breath and slowly pull up on the inner top plastic wrapper when you’re ready to eat. The outer wrapper will stay in place just like a burrito wrapper and you can go to town.

Get Kye’s Nori Burger here. 

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