Green Goddess Guide: Korean Beauty With Alicia Yoon of Peach + Lily

From fermented toners to the ever-irresistible sheet mask, there is a lot to love about Korean beauty products – as we’re just beginning to discover. So many of the Korean brands bring a mix of child-like charm and high-tech minimalism to their products that the design-freak in us just can’t resist.

We recently stumbled upon Peach and Lily, a beauty site devoted to bringing the best in Korean skin care and makeup to American skincare fanatics. Though not everything on the site is green or all-natural, we’ve been finding our way with a few brands we love and feel good about (like Aromatica.) Remember, when in doubt, refer to Beautycounter’s Never List for ingredients to avoid!

Peach and Lily founder Alicia Yoon is obsessed with transformative skincare. We asked her to share her version of our Green Goddess Guide (see all of our Guides with top beauty pros here) and we’re loving some of her tips!

For glowing skin…

Focus on hydrating skin through essences and a humectant-rich serum – and be consistent.

For ultra-glamorous effect:

Layer on Hera cushion compact followed by a cushion blusher followed by one more light layer of the cushion compact atop the blusher. The result: extreme radiance with a natural flush around the cheeks.

In a pinch I…

Take red ginseng extract.

Always in my evening clutch:

Aromatica Coconut Lip Balm, black eyeliner, a pen and small notepad. Inspiration and things to remember happen around the clock, and I find myself jotting a lot of things down that end up coming in handy.

Perfect pout:

Mizon Correct Combo lip gloss in Classic Red.

Beauty tool:

Measuring skin hydration level daily – to know how my skin is doing and course correct, if needed. And since I product test all the time, it’s good for measuring product performance.

Can’t travel without…

Obsession of the moment:


Beautifying snack:

Tomatoes and olive oil.

Beautifying drink:

Green tea, every day.

My go-to DIY:

Olive oil for chapped heels.

Weirdest beauty habit:

I do facial exercises every morning (usually to music!) – it helps with firmness and peps me up for the day.

In the shower I keep…

An essence for steam facials. Works wonders for my dry skin.

On my bedside table…

Is a lot of stuff! Lip balm, hand cream, face cream, cleansing wipes, reading glasses, a few books, accessories catch-all, glass of water or cup of tea and a candle. Currently, loving Maison Balzac candles and Cremorlab cleansing wipes for those evenings when it’s impossible to get up and properly wash my face.

Once a month I…

Do a full-blown at-home spa day. A long bath to boost circulation, Korean style (half the body is in hot water, and the other half is not in the water), followed by a steam facial then “sheet mask sandwiches” (sheet mask, then serum under, then sheet mask goes back over it), then facial massages with silky serums, topped off with a super light moisturizer. I’ll also do a self-mani pedi. And this is all done leisurely with a good book and refreshing iced tea.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

I sheet mask in the morning before heading out for the day.

On little sleep I rely on…

Lots of green tea and since my skin can be more sensitive, I stick to a super gentle moisturizing cream. This natural one works without fail and hydrates, nourishes and soothes without any irritation, no matter how out of sorts my skin is. Total skin savior.

The product that changed my skin…

I wouldn’t say any one product changed my skin, but I noticed a marked difference when I use essences and when I don’t. These days, I’m addicted to this toner that uses fermented ingredients, making it uber-hydrating.

Most treasured beauty tip…

SPF isn’t enough as it’s inevitably not totally foolproof – antioxidants are key to helping combat free radicals. I love the Aromatica Rose Damask Soothing Gel because it’s packed with antioxidants from cranberries, blueberries and pomegranates. 

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