Koku NYC

Treat yourself – but actually. Get inside Brooklyn’s Smorgasburg and try this vegan ice cream with topping we can’t believe like turmeric honey, collagen coconut whip and CBD-infused cacao. The ingredients are clean and the happiness-factor is through the roof — what could be better?

NYC foodie, Kat Odell, stopped by to sample the goodness; here’s everything you need to know about Kokus’ coconut situation…

What I ate:
Kokus’ superfood-topped frozen coconut yogurt.

Why I ate it: Because I love coconut yogurt, and newbie Kokus has taken the breakfast trend a step further, spinning the A.M. staple into a post-dinner treat. That’s dairy-free, probiotic-enriched coconut yogurt, frozen. Which you can then top with a rainbow of pretty, good-for-you garnishes, like CBD-enhanced cacao sauce, blue majik, bee pollen and a stellar toasted coconut butter.

Why You Need it: Because thanks to Kokus and its Smorgasburg pop-up, breakfast can taste like dessert — meanwhile packing in nutrients, antioxidants, plus the benefits of adaptogens.

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