If eating healthy is on the top of your resolution list this season, you’re not alone. Most people resolve on New Years Day to clean up their eating habits, but the idea that a nutrition-filled feast means tons of time and labor spent in the kitchen is usually enough to steer even the most strong-willed away come February 1st.

Luckily, a healthy meal that tastes amazing doesn’t have to be an hours-long process – you just have to be equipped with a few tricks to make things easier. We love these tips pairing a few of our favorite greens with perfect salad dressings from Summerland, the creator of our favorite organic produce boxesLike wine and cheese, certain dressings just pair perfectly with specific greens…

It’s a New Year and here at Summerland we’re getting back to eating simply and healthfully. Learning how to properly dress and season your greens is a great place to start! Understanding which greens pair well with what flavors can help create a tasty, balanced salad. Here are our tips on adding flavor to a few of our favorite greens:

Baby Kale

Baby kale, in comparison to Tuscan kale, is tender but it can still be very bitter. It pairs well with citrus-based dressings, which helps break down its fibrous texture and tone down its intense flavor. 

Baby Spinach

Spinach leaves are very delicate and can become soggy quickly. A simple vinegar-based dressing works well to dress the leaves without drowning them out. 

Baby Arugula

Arugula is very peppery, almost spicy. A light dressing with a little bit of honey can help tone down its aggressiveness. 

Baby Romaine

Romaine can be delicate but holds up to a lot of different flavors so get creative with it!


Another bitter green with frilly, sturdy leaves that can hold up to strong flavors. It’s often served with a warm, salty dressing such as a classic bacon vinaigrette; for an extra twist, try pairing it with some goat cheese! 


Peppery flavor, works well with a creamy dressing.

Salad Dressing Tips:

•Try dipping one of the greens in the dressing, prior to dressing the whole salad, so you can get taste how the flavors marry.
•When dressing a mixed salad, dress the sturdier vegetables first before adding delicate greens to the bowl.
•If you make too much dressing, save the extra for another occasion!

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