He Said, She Said: The Kinfolk Guide To A Happy Marriage

They may not have been married as long as the last Guests we quizzed about married life, but, then again, marriage is not only about a length of time but about a state of mind. Certainly those first few years of life together are a good barometer of what’s to come in the decades that unfurl toward that golden anniversary!

We love the sincere, quiet beauty of the Kinfolk lifestyle and Nathan and Katie certainly embody that Kinfolk life.

Whether the idea of running a business as a couple (as it happens, one of the coolest, cultiest print mags on the market) makes your hands sweat or your heart beat, we can all agree that if you’re working together by day and cuddling together by night, you’ve definitely learned a few good things about the married way of life and could stand to dole out a little husband and wife intel about what it takes to get it right. Here are a few thoughts from the couple on just what makes their marriage click…

He Said, She Said: Nathan and Katie of Kinfolk on A Healthy Marriage


When you talk about important subjects, make sure you’re both well-fed, and well-rested (hungry people get defensive and contentious).


Share unexpected gifts and notes outside of the holidays and birthdays – it often means more.


Choose your battles – not everything is going to be perfect, or what you’re used to.


Retire to bed and wake up together.


Your partner isn’t going to (they shouldn’t) intentionally hurt your feelings, so try to hear them out, find the deeper issue, get to the bottom of why/what happened.


Encourage personal projects, hobbies and passions. It’s helpful for us to each have our own independent creative outlets.Prepare and eat meals together regularly, especially on weekends.


Find activities to do together as a couple, and individually.


Be a gentleman and help, but respect her own independence at times.


Say I love you often and mean it.

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  1. Precious thoughts on marriage – Lovely post!

    Farm on Plate | 02.15.2014 | Reply
  2. Katie is my role model

    Anna Winslow | 02.17.2014 | Reply
  3. Sweet, simple points of advice. Thanks so much for sharing! The picture of the two of them is dear.

    Karen | Char Co. | 02.18.2014 | Reply
  4. Simple, yet powerful words of advice. Loved it!! Thanks Katie + Nathan + Chalkboard!!

    Troy Williams | 05.26.2014 | Reply

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