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Last February, I decided I would quit drinking for the foreseeable future. I made that life choice right after an incredible HAIM concert, a diverse portfolio of tequila cocktails, and a misunderstanding about just how different hangovers are in your 30s, rather than in your 20s.

While many have turned up the volume on their drinking during the pandemic, I’ve found it easy to stay on the sober track and focus on my health in a big way. It turns out that all it takes to stay on the straight and narrow is to isolate with a Baby Boomer (my mother) and wear only spandex and other clothes without buttons or seams.

However, as much as I enjoy waking up with a clearer head, far more energy and way less bloating, I do find myself yearning for a beverage-induced shmood from time to time. Right now, every weekday feels like Monday at 3pm…the whole day. I find myself craving some kind of drinkable mood-enhancer and have just stumbled into my new favorite solution.

Enter Kin Euphorics’ Kin Spritz

Kin Euphorics has somehow figured out a way to recreate that blissful feeling you get when you’re just starting your wine night — without any booze whatsoever.

Their new Kin Spritz has transformed my afternoon meltdown into an absolutely enhanced mood.

This specially-crafted spritz is a very modern combination of all-natural mood enhancers — think adaptogens, nootropics, and natural botanics. Together, the ingredients create a functional beverage for modern rituals–an alcohol-free, cocktail-like drink. Kin Spritz tastes of fresh citrus, warm spice, hibiscus and ginger, and it uplifts the mind, relaxes the body, and melts away stress. Well, I’ll be damned!

After hours of virtual meetings, endless typing on the computer, and having my mind, body, and soul depleted by the dementor that is blue light, I needed ANY reason to break away from the computer (sometimes, even going to the bathroom is not enough of a reason and I know you know what I mean).

With my well-being in mind, I started transitioning my 3pm slump into a self-imposed 3pm spritz happy hour and found myself re-energized, focused, and just the right amount of emotionally detached from a stressful day’s work.

The best part? I got to feel like my very own at-home mixologist. Kin Euphorics makes it easy to build a delicious variety of drinks using the iconic Kin Spritz as a flavorful foundation. I’ve now had the Kin Spritz with orange peel and mint, with lemon juice and even with chia seeds! The sky is the limit — and the cans make your fridge look extra cute.

What’s Inside a Can of Kin Euphorics

One small , but mighty can of Kin Spritz contains all of the below functional ingredients, plus just four grams of natural sugar from white grape juice (some cocktails can run upwards of 28g of sugar!).

ADAPTOGENS | Adaptogens help your body adapt better to stress over time. Kin Spritz’ real claim to fame is rhodiola rosea — our favorite adaptogen of all time for achieving a calm, but lifted energy that’s hard to describe until you try it!

BOTANICS | Botanics are plants, herbs, and spices that have medicinal or therapeutic properties for better health. Hibiscus and other warming ingredients like ginger, gentian and licorice round out flavor and balance the palette.

NOOTROPICS | Say it with us: new-trope-icks. Nootropics potentially help improve cognitive function (and increase creativity) by turning up the volume on neurotransmitters that you already have in your body. Kin Spritz contains GABA, caffeine, 5-HTP, citicoline, and tyrosine to support your neurotransmitters that are in charge of mood, pleasure, and reward.

Kin Euphorics has come onto the scene at just the right time. Adaptogens are finally mainstream, many of us are trying to stock more alcohol-free drinks, and we’re looking for that perfect beverage to boost our mood. For those on the sober spectrum everywhere — or even those who like to dabble with a good old fashioned drink, say ‘hello’ to your new favorite pick-me-up!

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