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Last year, pop star Katy Perry bought one of the cultiest wellness brands out there, Bragg Live Foods. Katy, along with partner Orlando Bloom and a few other major investors, scooped up the OG natural products brand with 106-year-old heritage best known for their brightly labeled apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is on our short list of natural health essentials and can be found in the pantries of just about every wellness lover we know. So how did Katy get involved?

It turns out that Perry grew up next door to the now 90-year-old Patricia Bragg in Santa Barbara. Patricia, in all her whimsical pink hat glory, inherited the brand from her father, Paul Bragg who had an influence on countless wellness leaders you know and love today.

Katy has been an avid fan of the products since early childhood — her mom incorporating all things Bragg into their daily health routine. Now, when Perry is on tour she stocks Bragg ACV as a cure-all and support for her vocal health.

“My mother introduced me to Bragg products, and it’s been a staple since my childhood in Santa Barbara and continues to be a wellness remedy in my professional vocal career.”
— Katy Perry

With Patricia (who is essentially our health food fairy godmother) retiring as CEO, who better to take over the company than Katy—her lifelong neighbor, family friend and biggest fan. It was Patricia who gave Katy her first guitar at age 13! 

We’ve always been hardcore groupies of all things Bragg, spreading the gospel of their magical elixir’s benefits from day one. If you’re curious why ACV is the mother of all wellness staples, get started here and check out some of our top articles on the subject. If you’re an ACV newbie, here’s a quick list just to give you the picture. Benefits include…

+ Anti-fungal
+ Alkalizing
+ Antibacterial
+ Antiviral
+ Metabolism-firing
+ Immunity-building
+ Digestive relief
+ Soothes sore throats and upper respiratory infections
+ Enhances mood
+ Improves skin
+ Cures acid reflux and heartburn

Stay tuned as we have our own plans in store for our favorite apple cider vinegar. Until then, try whipping up our go-to ACV dressings that we drench on just about everything in this Hawaiian Pineapple Tahini Salad.
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  1. I’m thrilled that Katy Perry has taken over the Bragg family business and such a heart warming story! I want this product to stay the same great formula as from the beginning.

    Kay Lake | 06.09.2022 | Reply
  2. First thing she did was dilute it. Why couldn’t she just leave it as it was? Profits I guess. Will be looking for a different brand now unfortunately.

    Stacy Heath | 12.24.2022 | Reply
  3. I am reading this because i heard they changed the formal now that new owner have it and it is diluted i have used braggs for years and trusted it i hope this was fake news

  4. Katy Perry has ruined the Bragg’s apple cider vinegar. It’s so watered down anymore. The color is way lighter and the health benefits that I was getting from ACV with mother no longer exist using Bragg’s ACV. Boo hiss!

  5. Won’t be purchasing Braggs ACV any longer. Perry will ruin the company and their ACV…she’s already diluted it. What a shame. I don’t trust Katy Perry and now Braggs can’t be trusted either. Huge mistake, Patricia.

  6. Not buying anymore! WATERED DOWN!

    Tammy | 12.27.2022 | Reply
  7. Heard Bragg’s ACV is being price gouged and diluted since Katy and Orlando have bought the brand.. This doesn’t sound like just a rumor either.

    Charlotte | 12.27.2022 | Reply
  8. Watered down now. Of course this entertainer isn’t interested in your health, just her profits.

    Watered Down | 12.27.2022 | Reply
  9. How can everyone say it’s watered down? It’s still the same with the mother and 5% acidity. I try think she is not able to change the formulation as an investor. It’s just ACV guys.

  10. Oh my, how my who family just loves Katy Perry. I watch all her videos and just know she loves all of us little people too. I am literally giddy over this amazing news!!!

    Bobcat | 12.29.2022 | Reply
  11. Is it true or just rumor about the “watering down” of Braggs ACV?

    Connie | 12.30.2022 | Reply
  12. I will be so upset if this is true. I have been using this product for so many years and I swear by it for so many things. I have not noticed a change as of yet, but I haven’t had to buy any recently because I’m always fully stocked but I really, really hope this is not true. Why would she turn such a great product into a not so great product? As if she doesn’t have enough money UGH!!

    Rachelle | 12.30.2022 | Reply
  13. Ive heard that the MOTHER part of the Braggs acv isn’t the same as the previous owners made it so being less effective. Is this true, has the formula changed.

    Dorene | 12.30.2022 | Reply
  14. Soo sorry things are diluted.

  15. I agree with everyone that it is watered down. Never again.
    Shame on you. Old man Bragg would be furious.

    Yucky | 12.31.2022 | Reply
  16. I’ve heard from many of my friends the formula is now very watered down and no longer provides the same benefits that it used to. I only use mine for cooking and was just getting into the health benefits, but I guess I’ll be looking at another brand. Sad when long trusted brands are sold and the products are altered in a negative way, usually for profit.

    Joan | 12.31.2022 | Reply
  17. Man people will believe ANYTHING they read on Facebook anymore. No it hasn’t been watered down. She doesn’t have the power to change the formula for the love of Mike. Funny how the anti-cancel culture is all “Cancel/Boycott Katy Perry.” Hilarious

    Rebecca | 01.02.2023 | Reply
  18. Are you conspiracy people seriously crazy? Katy Perry is a FAN of Braggs, uses it herself and has personally known Patricia Bragg for decades because she lived next to her in Santa Barbara. Patricia gave Katy her first guitar when she was 13. You think Katy Perry is going to buy it and then change it all? You people are seriously nuts. Go seek some help from a mental health professional.

    Voice of Reason | 01.05.2023 | Reply
  19. I know it is not as dark as it use to be and there is certainly not as much “mother” in the bottom of the bottle. If it has not been watered down….how do they explain that!!!
    I’m looking for a new brand at “Whole Foods”

    Judy | 01.05.2023 | Reply
  20. I hope these rumors are not true, but if they are oh well, I’ll deal with it. Apple cider vinegar is good for so many things. It’s the only thing that gets rid of my heartburn and I get it bad almost to where I’m going to be sick.

    Chery | 01.05.2023 | Reply
  21. I hope we can get some transparency from Bragg as to whether the formula has been diluted.

    Emily | 01.07.2023 | Reply
  22. I have never heard of this but I would like to learn more about it what is it good for totally? And do you drink that cloudy part at the bottom? Is it supposed to be refrigerated? I ask because I have a lot of health problems that I would like to have help with if this will help me and it sounds like it probably would. Does anybody want to help me out there with an answer please? Thank you so much

    Dorothy | 01.13.2023 | Reply
    • Dorothy, please read our other stories on apple cider vinegar! It’s a staple in many healthy diets – and yes, the cloudy parts or the “mother” must be in bottle or it’s not truly effective.

      The Chalkboard Editorial Team | 01.14.2023 | Reply
  23. I work in a health food store and it doesn’t even look the same! We have the old formula right next to the new and the colour is totally different! Just like all the other brands that sold out to big corporations. They no longer the same !

    Natural Warrior | 01.18.2023 | Reply
  24. WHy have I seen that this product no longer has the mother in it and looks watered down?????? WTF Perry

    michele | 03.05.2023 | Reply
  25. It has been modified. It is no longer the same as it used to be. Also removed the bible versus off the labels. Wonder why that is. Hmmm. We all know just what’s going on. If any of you really believe that Perry cares about people really don’t know what the heck is really going on. Yall better wake up. Stop buying this fake crap. Most of holly wood are not out for the best interest of the people

    Chris | 03.14.2023 | Reply

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