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Last year, pop star Katy Perry bought one of the cultiest wellness brands out there, Bragg Live Foods. Katy, along with partner Orlando Bloom and a few other major investors, scooped up the OG natural products brand with 106-year-old heritage best known for their brightly labeled apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is on our short list of natural health essentials and can be found in the pantries of just about every wellness lover we know. So how did Katy get involved?

It turns out that Perry grew up next door to the now 90-year-old Patricia Bragg in Santa Barbara. Patricia, in all her whimsical pink hat glory, inherited the brand from her father, Paul Bragg who had an influence on countless wellness leaders you know and love today.

Katy has been an avid fan of the products since early childhood — her mom incorporating all things Bragg into their daily health routine. Now, when Perry is on tour she stocks Bragg ACV as a cure-all and support for her vocal health.

“My mother introduced me to Bragg products, and it’s been a staple since my childhood in Santa Barbara and continues to be a wellness remedy in my professional vocal career.”
— Katy Perry

With Patricia (who is essentially our health food fairy godmother) retiring as CEO, who better to take over the company than Katy—her lifelong neighbor, family friend and biggest fan. It was Patricia who gave Katy her first guitar at age 13! 

We’ve always been hardcore groupies of all things Bragg, spreading the gospel of their magical elixir’s benefits from day one. If you’re curious why ACV is the mother of all wellness staples, get started here and check out some of our top articles on the subject. If you’re an ACV newbie, here’s a quick list just to give you the picture. Benefits include…

+ Anti-fungal
+ Alkalizing
+ Antibacterial
+ Antiviral
+ Metabolism-firing
+ Immunity-building
+ Digestive relief
+ Soothes sore throats and upper respiratory infections
+ Enhances mood
+ Improves skin
+ Cures acid reflux and heartburn

Stay tuned as we have our own plans in store for our favorite apple cider vinegar. Until then, try whipping up our go-to ACV dressings that we drench on just about everything in this Hawaiian Pineapple Tahini Salad.
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