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We have a soft spot for model Karlie Kloss. There’s no arguing that the girl is stunning, but her flavor of beauty is more than skin deep: She’s smart, sporty, strong, works that well-paid arse off, and supports women of all walks of life in the meantime.

Her well-earned confidence is contagious — and is due in part to the New York studio with a cult following that Karlie’s not been shy to share about on Instagram, modelFIT.

We’ve covered the NYC-born fitness studio (modelFIT is now on the West Coast too!) and the pros who built it many times over the years and, with bikini season banging down our doors, we thought it was worth revisiting some of their best tips for a vibrant, healthy summer body.

The modelFIT method blends different fitness influences — from boxing to ballet — and nutrition support for a dynamic approach to fitness that builds strength, grace and confidence. We’re talking about four reasons we totally get Karlie’s obsession with modelFIT and sharing a few quickie workouts from the founders…

4 Top Tips from the Pros at modelFIT

Runway-Ready Abs: we love this two-step core-sculpting exercise for a flat belly with lines in all the right places.

Dance It Out: this three-step dance cardio situation is almost too fun to be fitness, but the burn will prove otherwise.

Box + Burn: there’s a reason why models turn to boxing pre-runway; this three-step boxing move hits the core, arms chest and shoulders.

Smoothie Star: modelFIT takes a 360 approach to fitness, meaning nutrition is part of the deal. We love this greens recovery smoothie and this invigorating beet juice blend from the founders.

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