Celebrity fitness trainer, Juliet Kaska, who trains some of the world’s most famous strong bods, from Karlie Kloss to Pink, knows how to get us motivated and cut the excuses. We love a good walk. Who doesn’t? It’s one of the easiest workouts to socialize (make it a work date!) and we love these simple twists from Juliet that turn a low key workout into a total fat buster! 

It is that time of the year: time to recommit to your New Year’s resolutions (unless you are planning on tucking them away for next year!). If your resolution was to lose weight, I have four tips tips to take the simple act of walking to a whole new level of fat burning!

4 walking exercises to boost your workouts:


Laterals are one of my absolute favorite cardio exercises. You burn the fat, tone the booty and it goes by so quick! It’s a fitness trifecta! I prefer to do laterals on a treadmill but you can do them outside or indoors as well; just make sure your pathway has nothing you could trip on like branches or a raised carpet.

Stand sideways, with your right side leading. Take a step out with your right foot and then skip your left foot to meet you right. Continue skipping like this for 1 minute (on a treadmill start at 1.5 speed) and progress over the next few weeks up to 3 minutes consecutively on each side (on a treadmill, slowly progress your speed over the next few weeks up to 3.5). Start with 1-3 sets of 1 minute on each side. Your body will most likely be sore in new places from this workout.

Tip: Make sure to hold on to the side-rail when you start and only let go when you have full confidence in your balance and coordination.


Again, I prefer this one on a treadmill, but it can easily be done without it; just make sure your pathway is clear of anything you could trip on.

After doing a 2 minute walk/jog warmup, stay facing forward on your treadmill, and do a jog/run for 3 minutes. Next, drop your speed down by 50% or more, turn to your right and do 1 minute of side walking/skipping (holding on to the side rails). Again, drop your speed down by 50% or more, then face backwards for 1 minute (holding on to the side rails). Next, turn to your left and increase your speed by 50% (to the same speed you had on the right side) and do 1 minute of side walking/skipping (holding on to the side rails). Return to the front and repeat, for a total of 3 times. Each set should be 6 minutes long, with the 2-minute warmup, for a 20-minute workout.

Tip: Take your speed down to less then 50% when you go backwards -the first few times it is a confusing sensation for your mind and body.


Crawlers are amazing for burning the fat and super toning the bum and thighs!

Start off with a four-block brisk walk. At the start of the fifth block, low lunge (crawl) the full block. Repeat for 15-20 blocks. If you live in a big city like NYC, where the city blocks are long, adjust the number accordingly. The entire workout should take approximately 20-30 minutes.

Tip: Once you have become an expert at this workout strap a pair of 2-5 pound ankle weights.

Walk & Talk Meeting

Kill two birds with one stone by taking your meetings on the road. Set up meeting times, or even phone calls, with a walk. Let the person you are meeting know that you will meeting will be in the concrete jungle, and they should bring a pair of comfy sneakers. If you don’t have any meetings, place a time in your schedule daily to return calls for work or even to Mom. Then grab your tennis shoes and your phone and get to work burning those calories and making Mom happy!

Tip: I keep my finger on my voice memo app so I can record pertinent parts of the meeting when need be.

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