journalling prompts new year 2020

Many of us are investing a bit of time to reflect and dream during this season of change. Thoughts are swirling as we leave one decade behind and enter a promising new one.

When sitting down to jot down thoughts, it can be useful to have writing prompts to help us cut through distractions and the overwhelm of facing the new year.

Tuck away with your journal for ten minutes a day and unpack some of these ideas for yourself in peace and privacy…


01. Commitment Ritual
Taking stock of the past year, write down 3 things that are no longer serving you to leave behind this year.
Tear or burn it up and let go.

02. Gratitude Ritual
What 10 things are you most grateful for this past year?

03. Releasing Ritual
What 3 limiting beliefs will I let go of and leave in the past as I start a new year?

04. Glow Ritual
Write down 5 things that make you feel fully alive or bring you joy. How will you bring more of these into your daily life?

05. Intention Ritual
Write down 4 clear intentions for 2020 having to do with your physical, emotional and mental health.

06. Best Self Ritual
List 3 qualities you honestly appreciate in yourself and why. How will you show up with the qualities of your best self this year?

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