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Bobbi Brown is the ultimate when it comes to minimal beauty. Her namesake beauty brand shaped the aesthetic of generations of beauty lovers and her second venture, Jones Road Beauty, promises to do the same.

We’ve already become big fans of Jones Road’s clean, high-grade formulations (see our top picks below!), so when we heard that the brand was opening it’s first official location in NYC, we knew we had to make our way in to see how Bobbi and team brought the experience to life.

Jones Road is venturing where few have gone before by combining skin-loving ingredients with European-level clean, high-grade makeup formulations that nourish your skin while leaving you just a little more refined before you walk out the door.

Welcome to New York: Nestled into NYC’s Greenwich Village (in Jonathan Adler’s previous space), the new Jones Road shop brings the brand’s modern, utilitarian chic vibe to life. Fans can drop in at anytime to peruse the latest collection or book a session ahead of time for a touch-up with their makeup artists and custom skincare consultations with their skin specialists. Lucky New Yorkers can now head to Jones Road before a big night out or just in between Zoom calls and errands for a mid-week pick-me-up.

Why We’re Obsessed:After an 1:1 in-depth consultation and hands-on makeup session with one of their beauty sherpas, Cheyenne, we were shocked at how natural we looked while still looking “up-leveled.” Jones Road may be the easiest makeup line to use without somehow getting it “wrong” — all the tones are natural and everything works together very well.

You know that feeling when you put on a full face of makeup and then it feels dirty, caked on, or like you’re going to need hours to get your face back to normal? This is so not that. We spent the whole day and night after our mini-session in a full face of makeup that didn’t feel like makeup. Every component held up its end of the bargain without causing any breakouts or skin irritation (sensitive skin girlies know what I’m talking about).jones road new york city

Of course, the biggest plus is knowing that Jones Road’s clean beauty standards go above and beyond the call of duty. Made without any of the endocrine-disrupting, chemical “no-no’s” like phthalates, sulfates, petrolatum, PEGS, cyclic silicones, EDTA, or BPA, Jones Road follows guidelines even more intense than the E.U. That’s at least 2,700 potentially harmful ingredients that don’t make it into their formulas and therefore onto your skin.

Our Jones Road Beauty Edit To Get You Started

Miracle Balm | Is that blush or are you just happy to see us? With the Miracle Balm, you’ll never know. We are highly obsessed with this balmy, cream blush (which we think is the way of the future). It is somehow iridescent, but also completely blendable, using jojoba oil as the base. We have found this to be the easiest addition to our everyday routine when we’re in the mood to “look alive.”

What The Foundation | Also known as WTF, this moisture balm-meets-foundation is totally revelatory. Conventional foundation dries out your skin and is highly visible. This one, however, uses hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil to provide an even look with added tint, so you basically are just wearing moisturizer that gives you a gorgeous complexion. We love, love, love using this in tandem with The Face Pencil for a flawless look.jones road new york

The Face Pencil | Consider our lives forever changed by this Face Pencil. Not only can it be used to cover redness, dark spots, dark circles, etc., etc., but it is also packed with ingredients that actually help heal the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. No caking or cracking to see here, folks.

Hippie Stick | In the mood for an extra juicy glow? The Hippie Stick is something like a natural chapstick for your face. Thanks to ingredients like nutrient-dense sunflower seed oil, this stick is the ultimate moisture-provider and skin-nourisher that helps to fight acne, not cause it.

Hot tip: This stick can be used anywhere that is in need of some extra moisture support—legs, hands, elbows, fingers, hair ends, heels, just to name a few.

The Mascara | Unlike your usual store-bought mascara, this mascara keeps your lashes naturally lifted, tinted, and volumized without any clumping. Plus, it has vitamin E for an extra antioxidant boost. We cannot stop batting our eyelashes for this.

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