Jon Reyman is the fashion-week hair whisperer designers across the globe rely on to prep models to perfection on the fly. Whether in Milan, London or New York this last September, Jon could be found prepping runway looks for designers across the globe. We love that Jon is obsessed with great styling that is healthy and natural too. We share his love for Aveda products – the real deal, people – and wanted to know what this hard-core vegan yogi had to say about traveling to all these shows in health, his fave spots on both coasts (his new salon Spoke & Weal just opened this year on West 3rd in LA – see the crazy deal for readers below!) and a few of his inside secrets about styling so well in so little time. Here’s Jon…

3 things a woman should always have in their evening clutch:

Raw Chocolate from Fine & Raw, Brooklyn; a travel size Aveda Control Force Hairspray or Pure Abundance Hair Potion to immediately add volume, rough the hair and make it a purposeful look; and Aveda Lip Saver – to keep it soft.

I can’t travel without my…

Have a favorite face right now?

Fave model? I love Nora Vai – really, I love the haircut she lets me do. She’s my muse.

Beautifying snack:

Raw Chocolate from Fine & Raw Brooklyn.

Beautifying drink:

Green juice! Fresh from Pressed Juicery (LA).

Obsession of the moment:

Roseark, Gina Mari Skincare (LA) and Rick Owens (I’m a drop-crotch person, comfort rules every day. I probably couldn’t wear normal pants).

Weirdest health habit:

I fast, I eat raw chocolate all day. I just went to see local acupuncturist Gianna De La Torre for cupping and acupuncture and she was amazing.

Your go-to eatery:

Top beauty tool:

My scissors.

The Aveda product that changes everything…

Pure Abundance Hair Potion. It’s a volume miracle worker.

For ultra-glamorous effect:

I think simple is beautiful. Take it off.

After a long-night or rough weekend…

Green juice, yoga, trainer. Physical exercise is one of the best things for a re-set. And juice is a daily routine.

To stay healthy in hotels I…

Have my yoga mat with me.

Once a month for my health…

Sleep in, take it easy, let it go.

My go-to DIY:

Yoga at home. DIY practice. No excuses. Anywhere, anytime.

Most treasured beauty tip…

Meditation, prana yama and Yoga Nidra. Also – be simple. I find beauty in what works well – if a thing has utility, fits with one’s lifestyle, makes it easier and therefore is deemed useful, it is beautiful. That’s how I see beauty.

Jon’s incredible offer for Chalkboard readers…

Free haircuts with Jon's team:

We had the pleasure of having our hair cut and colored by Reyman and his Spoke & Weal team. Trust us when we say you’re going to want to get in on this!

Here’s how to have your haircut by the Spoke & Weal team in Los Angeles and San Francisco for FREE: Sign up for our TCM Weekly Newsletter by Monday, October 13 and receive Spoke & Weal’s free haircut offer code on Tuesday, October 14.

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