If this menu tells us anything, Jessica Koslow’s new restaurant is going to be a killer.

Koslow, of the L.A. food phenomenon that is Sqirl, is the latest chef to set up shop at Seaport District NYC’s Food Lab. Through September 2, she’ll be cooking up a storm in New York and, rumor has it, a few of the menu items are previews of  never-before-seen dishes from her upcoming restaurant, Tel.

If this menu tells us anything, Tel is going to be as big a phenomenon as Sqirl. Check it out below or book your own seat at the pop-up dinner experience happening now…

First Course

Cardamom Ghee + Nigella Laminated Flat Bread
Lacto-fermented Crudité

Creamed Yoghurt with shredded pickle
Eggplant Dip, Green Fig Salt

Second Course
Taste of LA: Surprise Guest Bite

Third Course
Smoked Fried Jerusalem Artichokes, Fried Citrus, Black Garlic Aoili
Quail Shwarma
Sqirl’s Famed Kabbouleh
Braised Tomatoes in Pomegranate Molasses

Fourth Course
Passamore Ranch Sturgeon with Hulba + Green Sahawek
Oven Roasted Cabbage, JJ Lone Daughter Avocado Seed Tahini, Puffed Fermented Meyer Lemon, Kraut Powder
Koda Farm Brown Rice + Crispy Chickpea Pyramid, with Smoked Plum, Pickled Rose Hips, Dill + Smoked Schmaltz

Fifth Course
Malabi, Persian Mulberry Jam, Turmeric Millet Jack

Take Home Gift
Sqirl’s Turmeric Millet Jack

Holding our breath for Jessica Koslow’s new spot. Which
other LA restos are thrilling your inner food snob lately?

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