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First of all, is it maskne or maskne? No one seems to be sure and, to be honest, we wern’t that keen on the word acne to begin with. Regardless, the issue of break outs and skin irritation from wearing a mask all day has become the skincare issue of the year. Last spring, we asked a bunch of our favorite skincare pros to weigh in and they offered great advice.

Below, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite super-clean and trustworthy products that will help your skin calm down and clear up. Honestly, everyone’s different when it comes it this kind of skincare issue. These products have been some of the most popular amongst our team members over the years, but do a little gentle experimentation to find out what works best for you!

MAY LINDSTrOM THE PROBLEM SOLVER FACE MASK | May Lindstrom has a cult following and with good reason. We fell in love with this beauty pro the first time we met and have been total devotees ever since. The Problem Solver is a clay and cacao powder mask packed with nearly two dozen powerful clean ingredients like calming marshmallow, healing frankincense and anti-inflammatory turmeric. It’s true potency lies in May’s insistence on a slow, ritual-driven application. SHOP NOW

KYPRIS BEAUTY CLEARING FACE SERUM | Another clean beauty brand we’re obsessed with and don’t hear about nearly enough! KYPRIS Clearing Face Serum is the only spot treatment we’ve tried that instantly calms flare ups without any peeling or irritation. One bottle lasts a million years and has become our absolute go-to for any breakouts. SHOP NOW

MIGHT PATCH INVISIBLE | Whatever you do, when it comes to acne and breakouts do not neglect the new generation of hydrocolloid bandages. This fairly new skincare category has quickly become a complete phenomenon. Mighty Patch’s skin stickers can be worn underneath a mask or overnight for reduced irritation and faster healing. SHOP NOW

OSEA BLEMISH BALM MOISTURIZER | Do you know about OSEA? We’ve certainly talked about this Malibu-based skincare brand quite a bit, but aside from super-fan Victoria Beckham (who is a fan of their algae-based body oil) we don’t hear enough about them. We’re all huge fans of the brand’s Hyaluronic Serum and their seaweed-enriched Blemish Balm is a nice, lightweight layer of moisture under your mask when your regular skincare is too heavy. A bit of tea tree oil in the mix helps too. SHOP NOW

LAUREL WHOLE PLANT ORGANICS ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SERUM | We hope you’re learning a lot about inflammation in the body and on the skin. It’s one of the most crucial topics in wellness now. This oil blend, with a name we love, supports healthy lymph flow under the surface of your skin and may help alleviate acne, rosacea, redness, broken capillaries, and excessive dryness — all of which are aggravated by inflammation. SHOP NOW

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