Living Well in LA According To Jewelry Designer Jess Hannah

Living in Los Angeles can feel like spinning around on a never-ending carousel of trends. It’s fun to explore the sprawl, but what are the best places in the city to have a truly authentic Angeleno experience?

We asked the uniquely stylish jewelry designer, Jess Hannah, to give us a tour of LA through her own eyes. Some of Jess’ best designs have launched trends unto themselves. Her work encapsulates LA energy and style in a way that nails our city’s fixation on both the brand new and the charmingly aged.

From her favorite museums to the best place for people watching, here’s everything you need to know for the ultimate day in LA according to the woman behind J Hannah…


Favorite fitness studio:

Mind and Motion studio for pilates and Pony Sweat (dance aerobics)!

Go-to outdoor workout:

A casual walk around the neighborhood with my dog, Ruby! Or maybe an occasional (albeit rare) game of tennis in the park with friends.

Favorite spot for catching up with a friend:

Wood Spoon — it has the perfect comfort food, great for sharing, and a very warm atmosphere.

Best brunch spot:

Destroyer has such a great take on brunch. It’s high design and really well-considered flavors and textures with an accessible price.

Favorite spot for date night:

Alta is close to home, so when you find it hard to carve out time for a date night this is an essential characteristic.

Art experience in the city I love:

The Getty is a full experience. The inspired grounds are the perfect place to lose yourself for the day if you don’t want to look at the art the whole time.

Favorite place to shop fashion:

I’m fortunate enough to have a close community of local and independent designer friends, so most of the time I’m trading! LOQ and Shaina Mote at in my closet in addition to vintage pieces.

Best vintage:

Rose Bowl flea market is only for those who love the hunt, and I am one of those.

Go-to for clean groceries:

Culver City farmers market.

Favorite wellness experience in the city:

I highly recommend Deeper Genius Acupuncture. I also love a good facial and beauty indulgence like a lash lift!

Best coffee spot:

Paper or Plastik for their Almond Joy cold brew — it has coconut milk and almond extract.

Must for people watching:

The beach — everybody goes to the beach!

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