hailey bieber in jennifer fisher jewelry

Yes, that is the actual headline. Not long ago, we would’ve rolled our eyes or stuck up our nose at a celebrity headline like this one, until we honestly realized that when we’re cozy at home we click on them too.

The truth is, we all need a lot more rest and relaxation right now (as well as a good sense of humor) if we’re going to ‘live well’ in 2021!

On to the topic at hand, Mrs. Bieber really does wear a lot of one of our favorite jewelers, Jennifer Fisher — champion and queen of the chunky gold hoop that looks good on everyone and the kind of charm necklaces you have to see to understand.

The bi-coastal designer just opened her first L.A location and we couldn’t be more thrilled — Fisher’s cool aesthetic is exactly what we’re craving with our more-casual-than-ever daily looks lately.

Jennifer has outfitted every big name on the West Coast with her signature gold jewelry over the years, so it makes perfect sense that her brand would extend into the heart of our favorite city. The look of her pieces are unmistakable and so flattering that collecting her charms and other pieces can become a low-key addiction.

Jennifer’s drool-worthy mixed metals aren’t the only reason we’re excited to see the jeweler popping up in L.A. (Beverly Hills to be specific) — the girl can cook and we’re curious to see what she’ll be whipping up now that she’s an official Californian with access to all our favorite farmer’s markets!

Here’s the thing — so many celebs and famous artisans can cook, but few of them can do it without annoying us just a little and even fewer make the kind of healthy dishes we (and our readers) want to eat everyday. Jennifer makes fun, simple, inventive meals we’re ready to make at all times. Her little passion project has 30k followers on Instagram and has inspired a line of three culinary salts we’re not mad at either.

Stay tuned next week when we share an Instagram Takeover with the modern designer to celebrate her official arrival in L.A.!

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