Living Well With Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken

As a Chalkboard reader, I think you know what we mean when we say that we love our fashion influencers, but wellness influencers like Jasmine speak to us on a whole other level. Jasmine Scalesciani-Hawken models years of knowledge on how to take care of our bodies, schedules and values in a way we’re always learning from.

Jasmine is a detoxifcation pro, the co-founder of Hairprint, an impressive line of non-toxic hair products designed to restore original texture and color, and married to top environmentalist, Paul Hawken. She’s the kind of woman we know our readers love to hear from to glean knowledge on daily practices from mental health to the right supplementation. We asked Jasmine to join our Living Well With series and here’s what she had to say…

My daily supplements: Gah! I wish I could say I take daily supplements. I’ve never been able to stick to a program! But I do seem to do better with liquid ones. On a rotation basis I take:
Quinton minerals
B-complex by Premier Research Labs
Stamets 7 by Host Defense
Reishi by Host Defense
Colustrum by Surthrival

Can’t live without my: Mineral water

Daily breakfast: Espresso (Editor’s note: Jasmine has told us she believes a concentrated dose of coffee, like espresso, can be gentler than a long morning filled with cup after cup of caffeine and potentially acidic coffee.)

My food philosophy in one sentence: If it comes in a package, skip it. Keep it wild. Keep it real.

Fave workout: At present 10 minutes on a Turbosonic (a version of the Power Plate that uses sound instead) with body sculpting exercises and 5 minutes of jump rope.

Once a week for my health I use: An infrared sauna.

Best healthy restaurant tip: Don’t make diet your identity. But, then again, if there’s absolutely nothing clean ingredient-wise or nothing that makes you happy or activates your salivary glands just skip that meal.

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be… Stay detoxed! Our body’s natural detox system is not designed for the 1000’s of chemicals we’re exposed to every day. Inflammatory conditions and hormonal imbalances are at an all time high. In order to maintain optimal health and beauty in the 21st century we must learn to stay detoxed.

Ingredient in products I always avoid: Synthetic fragrance – disrupts hormones and can be a neurotoxin.

Go-to health resources: PubMed + PDR for Herbal Medicines

Crazy health idea that actually works: Wim Hoff Method (cold and breath)

5 things always in my medicine cabinet:
1. Oregano oil
2. Host Defense mushroom extracts
3. Niaouli by Puressentiel (It’s a French essential oil product 
that stops a cold from coming on every time)
4. Mega Sporebiotic by Microbiome Labs
5. Charcoal capsules

Non-negotiable: Clean air, quality water, sunshine, friendships and silence.

Simplest way to improve health: Expose yourself to all the nature elements and fasting.

Fave healthy getaway: There’s a day spa in Sonoma called Osmosis where they have a traditional fermented Cedar Enzyme Bath. The enzymes and probiotics in the bath and tea help activate your metabolism and aid digestion. The process helps to release toxins and excess fluids from the body and is a heavenly and fun experience to do as a couple.

My current mantra: No mantra really, just love to sit quietly and listen.

My health passion: Fasting for cellular detoxification.

Health trend to skip: All diet trends. Learn to quietly listen to the body and do what works for you that day. Let nature lead you.

My go-to juice or smoothie:

My go-to smoothie for years now has been a version of this recipe: Sometimes I alternate blueberries for strawberries, add more superfoods, and fats.
1 ½ cup almond milk
1-2 scoops Tera’s Whey Protein Vanilla

¾ cup blueberries or strawberries
1 scoop collagen
1 TB chia seeds
1 TB flax seed oil or coconut oil
1 TB maca powder
1 tsp lemon/lime + ½ peel
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